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  1. I need pics of installed Compensators. I got one ordered but I might want a different style and to be honest, I want to make sure I put mine on correctly.
  2. Well, depending on how long you want to wait, I'm working on a couple of ideas for compensators/shroud and muzzle hinders (flash supresor):



    But I wont be able to have a prototype for probably another month and a half.

  3. Shootest 995

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  4. I did order the hi Point version, but I have since decide to go with a Barrel shroud from top one in the first reply to this thread.
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    Bushman, any chance the top compensator there will be thin enough to clear the ATI stock laser?
    Even if it doesn't I am interested.
    2nd one looks sweet as hell as well.
  6. Dont know, still in concept stage. what is the distance between centerline of barrel and laser?

    The "stock" outside diameter I'm working with is .875 for the flash hidder and 1.25 for the shroud. Those sizes were picked for looks, not functionality, so they are somewhat flexible and bound to change.
  7. I use the HI i-Point version on my 995 (stock)...



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  9. He does, I noticed that yesterday from the pics. But it works that way just fine too if you are not going to put any accessories on it.
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    It is upside down. I don't plan on putting any acessories on it and I don't care for the actual top of it. Now i might be interested in the flash hider that bushman has posted here since seeing it.

    I will be installing the bracket and rail system from beretta for the storm that Patroit has on his 995, so any acessories will be mounted on that.
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    I could paypal you $40 for #2 and you can send thing sweet thing to me?
  12. How serious are you? I could make your one by next week... I'll even powdercoat it black.
  13. [​IMG]

    My bad Shadowlands, you do have your compensator on right. Sorry!
  14. Shadowlands , What type of grip sleve do you have on your 995 ? It looks like something that I would like to put on my 995 & 4095.
  15. waltham, I didn't even pick up on it the first time. I thought you were talking about someone else...
    need to catch up on my sleep... HA!!
  16. Spot,
    It's made by pachmayr. They're about $8.00, but they really match well with the 995 and feels great while shooting...


  17. Help, please. While they look cool and I believe you about them improving the feel: I can find the grips but Hi-Point is not listed in their size charts. Which size fits best on the carbines?

  18. If I remember correctly they had two sizes of pachmayr slip on grips just as hogue does. And I bought the larger size for my 995. The smaller sizes of univeral slip-on grips by either hogue or pachmayr tend to be for tiny pistols. With that being said I'm almost certain my purchase was of the larger size grip...
  19. Hey SCREAMIII2007,
    Did you have to mod that compensator to fit ?? That is exactly what I am looking for !! The description said for mossberg shotgun...isn't that a bit of a big diameter compared to the 995 barrell ??

    Any help would be great... I love the look of that and the price is right up my alley !!