Compensator For My 995

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  1. Should I put a Compensator on my 995? Does it improve accuracy or is it strictly cosmetic?
  2. Lashlarue

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    The factory says it's cosmetic, but on my ATI'd 995 it most definitely reduces muzzle flip and reduces noise level.

  3. I vote cosmetic. I didn't notice any real difference.
  4. I think it is mainly for looks--- I have one on mine--

    Shoots the exact same with or without-- it just looks meaner with--

    Ya know-- it is more of an EBR wih one...

  5. Compensators are supposed to reduce muzzle climb, like on a Thompson or an AKM. I can't imagine they'd be much use on a semi-automatic carbine that only holds ten rounds. As for cosmetic reasons, sure, but yeesh, not the HP compensator.