Compensator induced failure.

Discussion in 'Gunsmith shop' started by drscot, Sep 2, 2015.

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    I have a brand new Colt .38 Super 1911 Government Model. I purchased a compensated barrel to put on it. From the very first round, I had to rack each and every round by hand to get it to function. I started with Armscor ammo, and then switched to Buffalo Bore with no change. I took it to my gunsmith who told me to install the original barrel in it, that he thought that the weight of the compensator was fouling up the cycling; that he could tinker with it like he has had to do with others or just go back to the stock barrel. I did, and it cycled like a charm from the first to the last. Here is the problem: I really liked the way it fired with the compensator, but of course I will not cycle it by hand each and every time. Has anybody encountered this before and if so, found a remedy? Of note, the seller of the compensated barrel clear up in Kenai Alaska promptly refunded every penny to me.
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    Did you make sure that the barrel bushing and link pin were properly fitted for the barrel?
    A 1911 usually requires slight fitting to ensure proper operation as most replacement barrels for them are semi-drop-in. ;)


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    Sounds like it just wasnt installed properly.
    A gunsmith should have been able to have it spaced properly in about 10 minutes unless the part was just completely out of spec.
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    There are two types of 1911 replacement parts. Fitted & Drop In. The difference is a Drop In part takes on average 1 hour less [email protected] with to get it to work properly.
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    Weight of the compensator? It sticks out the front? Not just holes in the barrel?

    Factory .38 Super is a bit weak, and you may be losing enough gas to the compensator ports that the OEM slide won't cycle, unless you lighten it.

    But you'd think Buffalo Bore would be hotter. :confused:

    Maybe not hot enough?

    Try a weaker spring, or cut some ports in the slide to lighten it.

    Or finish fitting or breaking in the new barrel?