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I just added a new compensator (the one from HP) to my 995 classic. I haven't had a chance to fire it yet-does it really help any? Also, does everything line up correctly with the muzzle? I don't want the bullet shearing the sides of the comp. Thanks for y'all's help in advance!
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i worried about that also because someone on here said they put the comp on,took a shot,and it flew off the gun. so i took a drill and bored it out just a little.never had a problem.
I have a HP compensator on my ATI 995 Classic and it lines up perfectly. I have fired with & without the compensator, can't say there is much difference. If I were you I would save the money for some other mod unless you just like the looks of the 995 with the comp. I have a new TS that I will not install a comp. on.
I haven't shot my 995TS with the newly added comp so I don't know if there is a difference in the performance. My primary reason for buying it was to protect the muzzle and secondly to up the cool factor.
Also, I just found out that the added overall length permits the carbine to fit the supports in my rifle rack.
Most of the time the compensator lets go is they didn't tighten it enough or it loosened up while they were shooting. I have a comp on my 4095 and love it. Also I use a laser ring and have a minimag flashlight on in for night firing.
Does anyone still use this with the laser? I remember it was kinda out there like $70 from HP? I've got a 995 Classic, no mods ever, I've had for years, I was thinking a laser might be a fun accessory.
I have a compensator on my 995TS. I've only shot it with it on so I can't offer a good comparison as yet. I plan to take it off and try it to see if there is a difference. I don't expect there to be much difference. 9mm doesn't give much kick to begin with so there isn't alot to improve on to begin with. Truthfully, I thought I was shooting a .22LR given the recoil. BTW, I love my 995TS. One of the best bang for the $$$ out there right now. I recently bought a sub 2000 in .49 S&W too. Shot it for the 1st time too along with the 995TS. I liked the 995TS better. I found myself shooting clip after clip through the 995TS while the sub2000 lay in its case. Don't get me wrong I like the sub 2000 too. However, my next carbine will be another Hi-point. I recently got a 4095 classic. Haven't got a chance to shoot it yet though. If it shoots as well as the 995TS I will get a TS stock for it too. I also plan to get a 45 ACP version when they are availalble. i've become a real Hi-point fan.
I can't tell a difference in recoil or rise, just a little louder to the shooter. It has never came off and I use Loctite.
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Sorry to resurrect this topic, but the thought is bothering me a bit:

A proper compensator/muzzle brake is supposed to vent the gasses in a direction that counter-acts the torque that makes the barrel move upward. The degree that this may or may not happen seems debateable, but my question is this: does anyone know if the Beemiller comp is even designed to vent said gasses in a particular direction? When installed like the picture in the packaging, the vents are on the sides, not the top. If the vents are simply slits, that sends any counter-acting forces to the sides, not the top. That won't keep the barrel from moving upward at all.

Of course, all this comes to mind *after* I've purchased the Beemiller product, not before. But if what I suspect is true, I'll be sending it back and exchanging it for another magazine...
Is there some place to order one that is already decked out? I don't know much about doing all the modifications. Is there a favorite dealer that will add all the extras that I might want?
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