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  1. I thought we had a computer specific forum here, if I missed it please go ahead and move. Anywho...

    Ok...This computer business is kicking my ass. I took all the pictures I have from Wyoming and put them onto a slide show. Using Roxio I added a music background and a title menu. The menu also has a music background. When the DVD is put into a player it will stay on the menu screen playing the music in loop while the background picture goes through four stages, that's normal. But the problem comes when I want to actually play the slide show. In a regular DVD player, ok my PSII, the menu screen played in loop until I pressed the X (play button) and then into the slide show no problem. Great right?

    Well I bring a DVD to work to show people what handy work I did. Insert DVD and watch menu screen, giggle while Dueling Banjos play. Then go to press play and nothing happens. On three different computers I cannot get to slide show. On my work PC I somehow got to a title menu and got into the slide show but the music was very slow and choppy. On a brand new, out of the box yesterday, Dell laptop I could only play the damn menu. Tinkles me off. I created the slide show on a computer with a computer program but I cannot get it to play on a computer. My PSII took it just fine. Any help? Thanks!
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    In my experience, most computers can have software and stuff to MAKE a dvd, but when its time to play the DVD on a computer it wont play because it doesnt have the DVD playback software installed...

    Sometimes this means a purchase of third party software... but... a lot of retail DVDs come with playback software included.

    Google for "Free computer dvd playback software"

    here is a link for one such program... I never used it just was the first link to click in google.. but it is FREE not shareware or demo:

    hope this helps... but my advice isnt free... now that I responded to your post, and whether it helps or not.. you are now obligated to click the link below and watch MY little video which will play when the dvd i created is (I gotta promote my stuff somehow!! :roll: )


  3. Cool video. Must be of your kids playing around? The girl zapping the boy with lightening from her hand was cool.

    I'll try the DVD playback software stuff. To be clear our work PCs will play the same DVD-R discs with burned info on them but maybe because we have to load a boot disc prior to it? Also the DVD I made will play the menu background and the music I attached to it. The problem is I cannot get the dang thing to go from the menu to the slide show. I have to be over looking something obvious or simple. It's in my nature!
  4. When you used Roxio to edit the dvd, did it put it into a format that the other computers are having trouble reading?
  5. Well I'm not sure. As I said the DVD will play the menu and menu music just fine. The problem is I can't advance past the menu and into the slide show.
  6. Im not an expert by any means, but it sounds to me like there was something performed to the disc in your puter that is not compatable in the other ones.

    Just a WAG. Im sure others will come along and help out. I know Taurus is up to snuff on computers and there are a couple more that are too.
  7. Yeah, I have been WAGing for two days now, lol. I had to finally break down and ask. I know there are some dang sharp puuuter tech type folks here and I'm sure some will chime in if they feel like it.
  8. If you have Windows, try the Movie Maker program.