Conceal help for my new .45

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by godolphins1985, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Any suggestions on where to conceal this beast lol. i have a beretta 21A for conceal but would love to carry my .45 as well but cant image carrying it outside my pants due to its very large size, any suggestions?
  2. The JHP is a tough one to truly conceal. Personally, I don't CC or OC my JHP nearly as much as I first did just because it is huge and will attract huge attention if your printing. My JHP is now regulated to home defense and ammo depletion at the range. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my JHP, it's just not all that CC compatible in traditional methods (IWB or Fobus for example), unless you go with a pancake in the middle of your back. Even then it kinda will stick out and be rather uncomfortable.
    I know where you're coming from tho, a .45 is a real confident caliber, and should be carried as such, but the JHP is a tad large and heavy for CC.
    Just my .02

  3. Under arm holster!? It is a pretty large and makes concealment hard.
  4. dont really know , it would be a shame to have to just carry my beretta =(
  5. Not sure how much bigger the JHP is than a C9. But I carry my C9 in the back of my pants at the small of my back. It's comfy walking and not too bad sitting down, sometimes I have to adjust it too the left or the right for a little while though.
  6. Broomhead, it is a pretty big difference. I was carrying my JHP .45 yesterday and it drove me crazy. I love the gun, but it is a beast. Today, I went back to the C9 and was so much happier.
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    I agree the size difference is very noticeable...
  8. the jhp would be hard to CC.....its a brute.
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    Maybe with a decent trenchcoat....

    I had some limited success with experimenting with concealing my JCP, I actually had it on a belt holster and if I slid it the right way it would conceal, also in my small of my back in my waistband worked fairly well albeit uncomfortable.

    I would not CCW my JCP unless I had a big sweater and jacket on.
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    Vertical shoulder holster (that's right vertical), or a good inside the waistband holster that will keep the sharp edges on the back of the slide away from your skin. I'm 5'-8" and sometimes carry my .45 concealed. It can be done and it feels good.

  11. Doesn't it increase your pants sizes a few inches?