Concealed Carry 40S&W

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  1. Is there anyone carrying a hi-point for their CCW? And would you recommend or not recommend it?
  2. Nope. Unless your a real big guy u might have a hard time concealing it. It's a good size weapon. Possible, sure, but to conceal i'd look at smaller options.

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    There are ways. Probably the easiest is to high-ride OWB it somewhere around 3-5 o'clock or 7-9 o'clock with a covering garment such as a jacket or a baggy sweater. Perfect time of the year for this mode.

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    I make an IWB leather holster to carry them. But you'll need looser fitting pants, and be willing to put up with it stabbing you in the ribs. I carry a large frame 4" revolver with no issues, but the HP is a pretty big lump. It can be done though.

    It's the one on the left.


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    I must be doing something wrong cause I can't even conceal my PX4 Sub Compact 40. I've yet to find a holster that will allow me to carry anything bigger than a pocket pistol. Being a big guy doesn't help in my case cause I'm 6'5" 270 and everything I try shows.