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Concealed Carry a HP 22

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Does anyone conceal carry a Phoenix Arms HP22? If so how do you carry it? Especially looking for suggestions in regards to the safeties.
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Does anyone conceal carry a Phoenix Arms HP22? If so how do you carry it? Especially looking for suggestions in regards to the safeties.

I have several of these pistols. I have the .22 and .25 models. I would hazard against carrying them as a primary pistol, just because neither are reliable show stoppers. ANY gun is better than no gun. The .22 just has too many ignition or feeding failure (from any handgun). and the .25 is basically the same cartridge but in a more reliable feeding and ignition platform.

If I was going to carry one as a primary. I would NOT use the firing pin safety and just rely on the thumb/frame safety. I would use a behind the hip position in a open scabbard belt slide holster. Something that does not clip to the belt because, the plastic or metal clip always fails. Try it a few times at the range for yourself. You will draw the pistol with the holster, often. A slide nylon or leather scabbard type that loops through your belt. There aren't any dedicated kydex (my preference) holsters for this pistol because, it is out of date and I do not believe is still in production.

Because of the size of the cartridge, you will have to get dirty with it. You must practice drawing quickly and rapidly putting two shots to the spot right above the sternum. That's the area where the heart has its largest arteries. The heart will still beat and pump out as much of the blood as possible. Then rapidly transition to the head and dump the remaining shots into the nose/eye/sinus cavity. It is the thinnest areas of the skull, will cause yawing and shattering of the bullet. This area is also directly in line with the cerebellum/base of the skull and "monkey brain". You'll be shutting off the body, like a light switch. You will have to shoot until they are on the ground. Rapidly put in a fresh magazine and prepare to repeat, bad guys travel in packs. Train to do this on the move. Don't stand there and engage in a gun fight. MOVE, get off The Square.

Practice will be essential. Especially with the magazine. You have to put the safety on BEFORE you can remove the magazine. Practice flipping that safety on and ripping out the magazine OR you can use your Dremel Tool to grind out a piece of sheet metal so, you don't have to do that anymore. BUT now you've adjusted the pistol and may have to explain that in court, be advised.

Get PARTS on eBay for that pistol. Buy several slides. The slides are prone to cracking (mine just did) and are hard to replace. You have to put 100s or 1000s of rounds through that pistol to get good.
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You'll be chasing your ass with one of these stupid turds. Get a Ruger LCP2 .380. Probably lighter, packs more punch, and is smaller.

For a pocket .22 the old reliable S&W 2213's are hard to beat. They aren't cheap. Smith & Wesson Model 2213 Sportsman .22 LR Good luck finding one under $400. Again LCP2 would be lighter and be cheaper.
AGREED. I'd never recommend the HP22/HP25 just because the slides are prone to breakage. Obviously a "modern" Ruger LCP or similar pistol is better. A larger bullet is preferable. However, sometimes we have to fight with the gun that we have and not the one that we want. I do not know if the person above has a income that allows them to get a newer or better gun.

If they do, obviously I'd recommend something better. My recommendations for bullet placement or techniques of usage do not change. Double High Thoracic Cavity Shots and repeated and rapid Sinus/Ocular Cavity Shooting is still a recommendation.
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First off, thank you for the responses. I agree that the HP22 or 25 is not a particularly great carry gun. With that said, 22LR has been by far the most reasonable ammo currently available. And given the current environment I have been considering what I would do if I HAD to carry a 22LR. Would it be a HP22? NAA Mini? Kel Tec P17 (a bit big for pocket carry, but does seem to fit some pockets)? Ruger LCP II 22LR?

Amazingly, I have had much better reliability with the 22s than the 25s.


I agree that the thumb safety would be the way to go. The firing pin safety is too small and would be nearly impossible to deal with under stress.

I did find a pretty nice kydex IWB holster for the HP22. But if I were to ever carry it, I would need to find a good pocket holster (preferably kydex).

I thought the frames were more prone to cracking?


That S&W looks nice! However, I have been leaning towards getting a LCP II 22LR. That would solve the ammo issue noted above and it would it mirror the LCP that is a constant companion.
I'd go with a Beretta or Taurus .22 over the HP (my opinion). NAA Revolvers (really, any derringer is hard to use under stress), a P17 would be fine. I carry a full sized pistol (BrowningP35 or 1911) all year and I don't have a problem with concealing it. A P17 would be decent to carry.

I have not seen the frames crack but the slides do, constantly. It's the weakness of the open slide design. Beretta's/Taurus's can do it because they have steel milled and not cast slides.
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