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Concealed Carry a HP 22

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Does anyone conceal carry a Phoenix Arms HP22? If so how do you carry it? Especially looking for suggestions in regards to the safeties.
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First off, thank you for the responses. I agree that the HP22 or 25 is not a particularly great carry gun. With that said, 22LR has been by far the most reasonable ammo currently available. And given the current environment I have been considering what I would do if I HAD to carry a 22LR. Would it be a HP22? NAA Mini? Kel Tec P17 (a bit big for pocket carry, but does seem to fit some pockets)? Ruger LCP II 22LR?

Amazingly, I have had much better reliability with the 22s than the 25s.


I agree that the thumb safety would be the way to go. The firing pin safety is too small and would be nearly impossible to deal with under stress.

I did find a pretty nice kydex IWB holster for the HP22. But if I were to ever carry it, I would need to find a good pocket holster (preferably kydex).

I thought the frames were more prone to cracking?


That S&W looks nice! However, I have been leaning towards getting a LCP II 22LR. That would solve the ammo issue noted above and it would it mirror the LCP that is a constant companion.
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I'd go with a Beretta or Taurus .22 over the HP (my opinion). NAA Revolvers (really, any derringer is hard to use under stress), a P17 would be fine. I carry a full sized pistol (BrowningP35 or 1911) all year and I don't have a problem with concealing it. A P17 would be decent to carry.

I have not seen the frames crack but the slides do, constantly. It's the weakness of the open slide design. Beretta's/Taurus's can do it because they have steel milled and not cast slides.

I have been tempted to get a Beretta :) But have been leaning towards the LCP II 22LR. Very close to its bigger brother, cheaper, extra mags are cheaper and more rounds. With that said, the Beretta's are very nice looking firearms.
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