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  1. Here in Texas, the chl costs me (as I am older than the hills) $70 to the state and $99 to the instructor. I filed For it 9/15/07. The people at DPS told me it could take as much as 60 days to get cleared. Well, here it is almost 60 days later and I finally get notified that my permit has gone through. Looks like they were right and looks like they were in no sweet hurry to let anyone have anything they could avoid letting them have, but I am now officially certified.

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    Good for you for gwettin it.

    Here in Kansas there are hiddin fees. Have to pay 100$ for the Class, 40$ to the sheriffand 110$ to the atterny General.

    And 60-90 day waiting for process, The wife and I jjust took the class this saturday.

  3. Yep. Kansas has a lot of "hidden" fees. My son-in-law tells me "car registration, property taxes, ect. Glad to hear youare getting yours.

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  4. wow, thats pretty expensive and long. it cost me $25 and less than a week
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    I think if we knew aout the Ag fee we would have waited on her CCW but oh well were gettin them. Wednesday wwe will file with the sherif and pay the fees
  6. yeah here in michigan i have heard of it taking up to 9 months :shock:
    although mine i needed for work i dont know if that hurried it or not but it only took about 45 days from class to holding it in my hand.
  7. Yeah but how many other states can you carry in?
  8. That CC license is a badge of honor my friend. The wit just makes it sweeter in the end. :)
  10. Cool! :D You didnt have to take a few classes or nothing?
  11. In South Carolina total cost for a CWP will be around $150 +/- depending on the Instructors class room and shooting range fee's. Below is a breakdown for SC CWP...

    Handgun Training Course (8hrs classroom and 50rd shoot) $85.00

    Photo ID/Fingerprinting: $15.00

    SLED CWP (state) fee's: $50.00

    Once you pass the HTC course, get photo/fingerprints and submit the application to SLED ( SC Law Enforcement Division) it takes approximately 90 days for the permit to be processed, approved and arrive at your door via USPS. SC is a SHALL ISSUE state, so you will be issued a permit unless you fail the background check.

    Below is a link to one of my friends (Charlie's) SC CWP Course web site:
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    No classes required in PA, which is a good thing, and a bad thing.
    I think it cost me $40 in Montgomery County.
    1. Go to Sheriffs office to get permit form and local check form.
    2. Go to local PD for local background check.
    3. Fill out permit form, wait to hear from local PD (few days)
    4. Pick up local check form, thank officer.
    5. Go to Sheriffs office with forms completed, present completed forms.
    6. Sheriff does PICS check, takes your picture, issues reciept.
    7. Take receipt to receptionist, pay receptionist, get validated receipt.
    8. Take validated receipt back to Sheriff.
    9. Sheriff looks at validation, hands you card, tells you "I shouldn't see you in here again until that's ready to expire."
    10. Nod in acknowledgement, "Yes Sir." Thank Sheriff.
    11. Leave Sheriffs office, drive home.
    12. On arriving at home, jump in air, tap heels, exclaim "Yippee!!" (feel free to improvise) :D
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    I'm in KS and I didn't notice any hidden fees when I got mine. just 100 for the class, 150 for the state, and a passport photo. That, and it has a decent reprocity list.
  14. when did u get yours? it only cost me $25, and the only place i had go to was the Sheriffs office. didnt even see the sheriff either, dealt with the receptionist the whole time. whole process for me took less than a week
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    It seems to vary by county. I got mine in Norristown, PA Montgomery County. It's a little cheaper if you bring your own passport type photo, and they just laminate it to a card. I went with the DL looking one, so it fits in my wallet, and can take a little more abuse.
    The longest part was waiting on the local PD, but that only took 2 days.
    I always wear steel toed boots for work, and always carry a folding knife, so both trips to the courthouse resulted in a near strip search even after I place the knife on the table along with my keys wallet and belt buckle(apparently a weapon) but when I offer to remove my boots, they tell me to shuffle through the metal detector so my boots don't set it off :?
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    Then they all have a good laugh.

    "Boy Jed, that 'shuffle' thing gits 'em ever' time!"

    "Yeah, it shore does!"
  17. It's relatively easy in Georgia -- not as easy as Pennsylvania, but pretty easy. It cost me about $45 (don't remember the exact cost, but it wasn't 50 bucks), and just a little over 2 months. No firearms instruction. No gun orientation. I don't really know how "safe" that is, but I don't see anything in the 2d Amendment requiring firearm instruction. I understand it; but, does everyone really need it? Do retired military or LEO really need firearm instruction? I don't think so. What about someone who has never touched a firearm? Probably. I'm glad to be in Georgia, though.
  18. If you own a gun... it is your responsibility to know how to handle and properly use that firearm. if you dont then take a class
  19. Here in Texas , You have a eight hour class ,fire on the range to qualify (score 170 out of a possible 250) and send all the paperwork to Austin. Finger print and photo are part of the class. Cost $ 140 to the state , $99 to the instructor. Since I'm over 60 cost goes down to $ 70 to the state.

    In my previouse post I was talking about fees to the state of Kansas in general( auto, property ,ect). Seems like they charge big bucks for things like those.
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    I was saying hidden due to the fact of the 110$ to the AG. When I was looking up CCW it said nothing about the AG.

    When My wife an dI took the class we found out about it.

    If we hade none about it we would not have both taken the class at the same time.

    When you lok at it now says there is the AG fee. It was not there a few months ago. Say about a year actually. Got prego and had a baby since last time I looked there.