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Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Dreamthief, Feb 8, 2008.

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    I don't know if this has been posted on here, but I haven't seen it. I came across one of these at a gun show and found the website this morning. looks pretty cool.
  2. It's not bad... not great, but not bad. I prefer pocket carry to it, but might try experimenting with it a bit more.

  3. Not bad, but I don't know if I'd want to carry one in the tube like that kinda scary.
  4. The should definitely drop "Pager" from the name, especially since you can use a cell phone.

    I saw a thread on some forum where a guy was asking for input from people who had them. The replies were mixed. I'd like to try one, but I already have hundreds of dollars in holsters.
  5. I agree I don't even know anyone that uses a pager anymore lol
  6. I carry a "throw away" Nokia in it. Fits it perfectly. Looks just like a cell phone holster.
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    Currently I carry a Taurus PT145 in a Smartcarry, but after watching the video I think that might work well for me. I hate to blow the $$$ on something I'm not sure will work, but I might look into it, especially considering I'm getting a Kel-tec P11 tomorrow that would probably work quite well. I've got a bad case of dunlap disease, and the Smartcarry is the only think I've found that works well for me, but it can dig in if it's not positioned just right. Since this sits over the leg, it might be a viable option for me.
  8. Kel_Tec P-11: Gooooooood choice.

    Be sure to join the KTOG too, great bunch of folks over there and do anything to help you. Just like here.
  9. hey ab4ka, make sure you post more infor later for "soon to be" your kel tec p11. i'm very interesting in that gun too.
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    I am a big fan of the Smartcarry. I've used one for about 2 years now and it has been great. Living in Florida and being a 3xl, my carry options are pretty limited. The Smartcarry has been the best option for me.

    And not to go off topic, but it's going to work quite nicely with my new Kel-tec P11. I've had a P32 for several years now that I carried in a pocket holster before I bought my Taurus PT145 and went with the Smartcarry. I used to be a member of KTOG, but I guess I got kicked off due to inactivity. I re-registered the other night. I bought the pistol from my granddad (who didn't like it) who bought it from my brother (who didn't want to sell it but needed the money). It actually fits my hand better than my Taurus. I really like it. I've always been a big fan of Kel-tecs, and now I've finally got me a P11 :) Got the pistol (which is like new) with 2 mags and a hard case for $200. I think I did pretty good ;)
  12. Dreamthief

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    well I picked one up on gunbroker for 20 bucks. once I get it I'll post a review.
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    Today I wore my Smartcarry all day shifted over to about the 2 o'clock position instead of right in front and once I got used to it being off center, it worked great! When I sat, it just rode over the top of my thigh instead of sticking down in front. It was also easier to draw from. I can't believe I didn't try this sooner.
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    my dad has one for his glock 23 and he said its the best thing he has ever baught and hes right i didnt know where to order them but now that id do im getting one for my hipoint it worth the money he has had is for several years now
  15. ab4ka, that is brilliant! I too have a Smartcarry and I've been trying it with my C9. It has been working out fine, however, carrying it at the 2 o'clock position as you describe works perfect! Much more comfortable! And, needless to say, the "boys" are much cooler! If you wear Smartcarry, you know what I'm talking about. :lol:
  16. :oops: while I ain't having any more kids, I'd hate to carry my gun in a holster that would make me worry about losing the equipment to make it possible.

    on the plus side however, the next time a girl asks "is that a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me ..."
  17. One thing I thought of as a potential drawback: if you are in a struggle with a Zombie, chances are you are only gonna be able to use one hand to draw...
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    Kel-tec makes a belt clip for the P-11, I use mine all of the time and can't tell it is there. Check it out on their website.
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    My first post so hello.
    there is another great product called "clipdraw"
    basically its a knife clip for your pistol.
    just put one on my .40 Hipoint, and a houge grip.
    looks sick.

  20. How did you put a knife style clip on your Hi-Point? Pictures?