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    After receiving a welcome message from Shooter, I replied and noted that the time stamps on forum posts seemed to be off by 6 hours. Later, it dawned (DOH!) on me that there might be settings for time zones in the Control Panel feature. I took a voila!! :eek:
    I am a retired IT professional and should have known better. Mea Culpa

    Included in the box with my new C9 was a note to shake my ammo. Should I shake the rounds with an up and down motion or would a side to side motion be more effective? Also, the note did not mention how long to shake each round nor did it reference how the round should be oriented (i.e. prime up or bullet up).:D:D
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    Hold it in your palm and pretend to masturbate. When it feels good, stop.

    Seriously, you only need to do that silliness with old ammo.

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    I have never shock any of my ammo and it all goes bang when i pull the trigger but if u really want to shake it put it in a good round container and put it in the back of ur vehicule and driver around like a madman it will get shock up real good lol
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    NE Utah
    I shake mine by trembling in anticipation of the immense recoil to be handled when the mighty 9mm round unleashes it's fury on the puny Zamack and polymer gun in my hand.:(