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  1. Is there a hot movement now for removing guns from our homes ?

    A friend asked me today if I had heard about it and I haven't, but he said we would know by the end of the year.
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    Have not heard anything about this.

    But Liberals are evil cowards.

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    Anit-Gun advocates are evil cowards.

    While this is not a political forum, let it be said that there are both liberal and conservative advocates in Washington working overtime this election year. If there are concerns along party lines, remember that were on THIS board to talk about the sport of shooting, and not so much the politics behind it.

    That being said, There has not been any rumblings, but rumors are a dime a dozen and even ten times as frequent during major events (and this year we just happen to have two of them: An election AND an economic recession)
  4. I think there are many here who believe that if a law severely limiting firearms possession were to pass, many would just comply. While I am certain most gun owners would acquiesce, even those who vociferously deny they would do so; I am also pretty certain that there is a serious misjudgement on the part of those who believe gun confiscation can work. Many Americans really are near to joining this guy:


    As for me, maybe I can be intimidated into giving up my property, maybe you can too; not everyone will quietly do so.

  5. What I am about to say I do not take lightly or say jokingly. The day that the US Gov't tries to take away our Second Amendment is the first day of the next Civil War.

    The government would need one key component to enforce such a confiscation: The Military. I do not believe in a heartbeat that our military would turn fire and disarm the American people which they so boldly fight for this very day.

    In the mean time, we do have some serious things to consider. A very tough assault weapon ban is currently in committee. It would ban all HP carbines and if I remember correctly even the Ruger 10/22 (could be wrong). Clinton and Obama will sign it. Bush will sign it. McCain stated he will heavily consider signing it.

    No matter what, the Second Amendment is under a major attack. Get what you can now.
  6. I Am going to a gun show this week to buy 30 rd pistol mags for my browning and maybe an Ak. If they were ever to try to confinscate weapons, i would have alot of contraband buried in the back yard.
  7. Make sure you don't waste your $$$ on a cheap, poor AK. For a few dollars more the quality AK can be had. If you need the info, let me know and good luck.
  8. Every year that a Democrat has a chance of winning the White House talk like this occurs. Mainly because of the candidates stance on gun control. Again this year:

    Hillary Clinton
    Voted for a 10-year extension of the assault weapons ban. Voted for requiring extensive background checks at gun shows. Supports licensing and registration of handguns, mandatory trigger locks for handguns, holding adults responsible for their children's use of guns, raising the youth handgun ban from age 18 to 21, limiting gun sales to one per month and allowing the Consumer Products Safety Commission regulate

    Barack Obama
    Supports extending the assault weapons ban. Supports national law against carrying concealed weapons, with exceptions for retired police and military personnel. Supports limiting gun sales to one per month.

    My concern here is the Assault ban. A guideline they generally use is shell capacity. My SW9 holds 16, my HP995 holds 10. I could be disarmed by my government if my worst frears come true.

    But a full blown weapons ban would never happen in this country. We just don't elect such people to office, except in Madison Wisconsin.
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    As Soldiers (and Marines for that matter) we're trained to follow orders under pain of military law. you might have some military members who wouldn't conduct actions against US citizens, but on the whole we'd have more that would follow the lawful orders of their superiors.
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    I think he had it right the first time ;)
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    well.. so long as open carry is legal in michigan.. i almost couldnt care less about restricting or eliminating concealed carry.. cuz id carry openly.

    its the AWB i worry about.. i agree they would NEVER be able to eliminate the 2nd amendment.. never happen. Texas and Michigan alone would put up walls and anti-siege armaments.

    i dont mind however if the age requirement were raised from 18-21.. i see far too many kids 18, 19, even 20 that are far too immature to own a gun.. yeah sure it may be their right.. but trust me when i say you dont want to be anywhere near these fools when theyve got a gun in hand.

    1 gun per month.. probably work in my favor.. help me save some cash.
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    Just a note: ALL canidates have come out in support of the AWB, political lines this time around have little to do with it.

    And before we get into a game of party-postureing, let us try to get back on track to the guns and not about the politicians who MIGHT be behind it, since all are headed towards the same goal.
  13. Hadn't thought about moving to Texas, but then again, hadn't thought about the possibility of having to surrender my weapons either. How many Alamo's and Waco, Texas assaults do you think we'd have before the media actually did us some good for a change.

    Actually, being ex-military, I would probably consider that possible confiscation of my weapons to be from an "enemy" of "domestic" nature which I swore an oath to defend against as well. :wink:
  14. That statement is false, you need to check your facts sir:

    John McCain
    Sponsored legislation requiring background checks at gun shows. Voted against a 10-year extension of the assault weapons ban. Opposed legislation requiring trigger locks for handguns. Opposed 1994 crime bill, which contained the assault weapons ban. Has a C+ rating from the NRA.

    We ARE talking about CONGRESS and GUNS. I don't see how this topic has gone off course.

    The moderation of this board is bordering on the extreme. I don't see how us talking about guns and politics in an election year will injure any of it's readers.
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  16. Don't you love how everybody thinks that by taking away guns all the problems will just fade away? well here's some news for ya, the people that are using guns for crimes don't care if there is a more extensive background check, or a better registration process, or a assault weapons ban, duh!!! the guns that are being used everyday for crimes aren't bought at Cabela's or in the gun department of your local sporting goods store, they are bought from some guy down town that sells them out of the back of his van, and I'm pretty sure that he doesn't care if your live here legally, or if you've ever been convicted of a felony; so all those registration and background check lockdowns are pretty much worthless, and just punishing us law abiding citizens that choose to go through all the legal crap just to buy a gun. and since when were guns the only thing that can kill? If we ban guns are we going to ban knives? Baseball Bats? small lengths of chain? cars? passenger planes? cigarettes? alcohol? I mean why stop at just guns? I'm pretty sure that people were killing their fellow man way before the first gun in any shape or form was ever built. Don't muggers, thieves and rapists go back to the beginning of civilization on this planet? Well I guess stupid politicians go back just as far. what they don't realize is that guns don't kill people, the person behind the gun does, the gun is just the tool, If your working on your car and your don't have the right screw driver, you will make something work, just like they will, if they don't have a gun, they'll make something work. but i guess all in all we shouldn't be too worried about losing our guns, after all, jumping the border and drugs are illegal in this country too and you can see how well the government has done at controlling that.
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    I think I must agree with digger44. Our fearless leaders in Washington don’t have a clue they feel (or think) that by banning any kind of weapon, or making it illegal to have a certain kind, that they are making our streets safe. Well I have only one word for them NOT!
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    +1. Kudos. Well said and very politically incorrect.
    Keep them coming. But please keep them within the forum guide lines. I dont pay attention like I should and think I some times get close to the line.
    I would hate to see anyone get in trouble.
    But again. Well said, and oh so very true.
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