Constant shortage of ammunition at walmart

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    despite their high prices.. I guess its time to get stuff online from ammoman or something. Has anyone ever picked up stuff in person from him? I assume that would save a ton of shipping as well?!

    I've been to walmart twice so far in a 2 week period and they had been out both times.
  2. Just start reloading. Then there is never an ammo shortage. Plus you dont have to wait a half hour for the dork with the keys.

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    haha thats definitely a true one on the keys. i need to start reloading, gotta sit down get prices and do the math equation to see how many rounds it would take to get to the break even point
  4. NP here, our Wally World is pretty well stocked.
  5. I don't have time to reload and I get tired of waiting at wally world. I just started going to gunshows and buying a few hundred buck worth of what ever I need. I try to keep at least 50 rounds for every gun I own on hand.
    I have 4 9mm's so I try to keep about 250 rds of that laying around.
    I fire about that many at the range once a month.
    My wife is in love with my 995 and she is deadly at 50yrds with it. Gives me a woody watching her do head shots mag after mag, she never misses.
  6. Our Wal-mart stays well stocked here too. I try not to buy rifle ammo there because it is much cheaper at the gun show. Pistol ammo stays pretty competitive.
  7. I have the lee anniversary kit 84.99
    9mm 4 pistol carbide dies 31.99
    lee production pot 45.99
    lee 2 cavity pistol mold 17.75

    total investment 145.22

    1lb hodgon clays 17.00
    1000 winchester small pistol primers 24.25
    range brass free
    wheel weights free.

    cost per 1000 rds 32.26
    wWwb at walmart is roughly 160 bucks for 1000

    A savings of 127.64.

    so without any more math about 1200 round sis the break even point.
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    Thats a pretty nice break even point. I am at 1200 rounds now but never collected brass. I guess the refill kitt will come some time over the summer.
  9. thats a good idea, picking up the range brass. i see it all over the place at the outdoor range i go to...... even that .500 magnum handgun round. i found some of that too.
  10. My local walmart stays stocked with every thing except the 40 S&W ammo I need. they put it all on clearance and never stocked it again. the other closest walmarts carry it though, so I just have to drive a little further.
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    My Wal-Mart has plenty of ammo for a 9mm, and most other calibers. I have seen price increases but no shawtage.
  12. Strangely enough, I've been noticing a shortage too. My Wal-Mart was completely out of WWB for 9mm... that's the FMJ 50 round box, the FMJ 100 round box, and the JHP box. I had to resort to the last box of Remington. The last time I was there, it was the same deal. Oh, and they were completely out of .32 AUTO.
  13. Just picked up 5x100's WWB. They had a truckload of it, and just about everything else.
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    Our Walmart just re arranged the sporting goods dept and they have tons of WWB and the UMC in 9mm.
  15. Reloading will save you money, I sure had a heck of a time counting all those numbers with my fingers and toes.

    Our wally world always has plenty of ammo on hand, but never on sale.
  16. My local wally world only had one type of 9mm ammo, and i pick up a few boxes of Remmington (Value Pack/100rds) 115gr/JHP at $23.24.... "we can't keep any 9mm at our warehouse.." bought what i could and now i'm looking for another supplier..

    BTW- I did placed an order with Natchez Shooters Supply (online)..
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    If Sam Walton could see what has happened to the sporting goods section at a large portion of his stores, I believe he would lose it. I worked at Walmart several years ago and we had a training video where he talked about his stores and how proud he was to offer QUALITY sporting goods at AFFORDABLE prices. That seems to be changing IMHO. The local stores near me don't carry nearly what they did even 3 years ago.

    Sorry for the Rant, Back on track, If you are going to do a lot of shooting, reloading is the way to go. I haven't started reloading yet myself but intend to. Right now I have a deal with a friend who does reload. I give him all the 9mm brass I can find and he gives me back half of what I can give him. Pretty good deal considering his time to do the reloads.
  18. here in southern KY theres been no shortage of ammo other than hollow points but after hearing about the shoratges else were makes me want to grab a set of 40 S&W dies
  19. The WallyWorldMart I go to has been out for awhile now. I checked out the other WallyWorld which is local too and they had plenty of stock. Picked up 200 rounds at $18.42 each.
    From what I was told, ALL 3 WallyWorldMarts in the general area get their stuff from the LOCAL warehouse. It depends on who makes the order and how much.
  20. I haven't noticed a shortage at the local Wally Marts yet. I've noticed the price increases all over and Wally seems to stay a few cents or more cheaper than the rest. I lucked out the last few times I've been there picking up .22 caliber for just over $11 a box of 525 and 550 depending on the brand. Most locals are getting over $19 a box for .22 now.

    I'd love to get into reloading but I've just not taken the time to figure it all out yet. A member from here sent me a message the last time I mentioned it and when I get the bug in my arse to do it I'll certainly get the help I need here I'm sure. Plus I feel like I'm in one of those windy money booths and all my cash is flying around, not sure how much I have and what I can spend it on until the blower shuts off. :lol: