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    Hello All
    I am Ken and I am a new member here. I joined tonight 12-5-12. I just wanted to share a few links about Constitutional Carry & SB-1108. Just in case you would like to print and save to keep with you.

    btw: I have checked to the best of my knowledge that these are current and correct, however do not take this post or these links as legal advice. Always check with your attorney to make sure you are in accordance with the laws of your state and county.

    Constitutional Carry Link
    Senate Bill 1108 (in PDF)
    Before SB-1108 was signed

    My (non-legal) interpretation:

    Concealed without a permit in Az? Allowed.

    Hope this helps some Az HP owners.

  2. Here in AZ, thanks to the constitutional carry laws, it is 100% legal for a person, legally allowed to own firearms, 18 years and older, to open carry any weapon without a permit, rifle, shotgun, handgun, knife, etc. and any person over 21 can conceal carry weapons without a permit. Very simple, and how it should be, I open carry almost every day.