Constitutional Carry

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    NE Utah
    Our worthless governor vetoed ours a few years back, and the worthless legislature that had the numbers to over ride the veto....didn’t.
    So we are still on 5 year permits.
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    I live in Louisville, KY. For the rest of this state I agree with this setup, but in this county, I wish they could restrict the CC to permitted carriers. Police aren't even asking anymore and not responding to any calls that are not shots fired. Every gang banger and felon are CC now and instead of when going to certain areas and times, I have to carry all the time. An asshole pulled a gun on a clerk last week because his credit card was bad. He put it away and left without the goods or his bad card when he heard the hammer set of my 45 and another guys Glock. Police never showed, because nobody fired. This city has become a cesspool of crime, and no one is even keeping score, they just clean up the mess after the fact.
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    I have to renew mine here in VA next year and need to see what the procedure is soon.
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    I imagine that the gang bangers and felons were probably illegally carrying before constitutional carry. Felons are already breaking the law by possessing a gun, so concealing it shouldn’t surprise anyone. By definition, these aren’t nice people who obey the law.
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    Open and concealed carry is legal in Maine without a permit. Any person 21 or older who can legally possess a firearm is allowed to carry openly or concealed.
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    Its 18 here
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    That's cool, in this state you have to be 21 to buy a hand gun, unless you are in the military, then its 18.

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    We may get it too. It's a shiny object that just arrived out of nowhere. It's to distract us from the refugees this asshole wants to bring in.........gotta feed the resettlement industry..........better get in the goat ranching business......
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    Here 18 can't buy a handgun from a ffl. But can from person to person or gift. They cant buy ammo for it but someone else can. It's stupid. Military or Leo's under 21 cant either.
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    Ha! I read there were fewer than 170 permits in Los Angeles County--only about 10 million people.
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    Even though Missouri is a Constitutional Carry state I have a conceal carry permit because 37 states have reciprocity agreements with MO.
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  14. Ours that has enough to over ride a veto delayed it and went on summer break.
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    Good news. We're wide open up here of course.

    I'd still advise people to take a class whether they apply for a permit or not.

    The benefits I enjoy from taking the class and getting my Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit include:
    -Having been instructed in the specific laws and their real-life interpretation by a State Trooper
    -NICS Exempt stamp!
    -Reciprocity in 38 states
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