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    OK im at an impasse. Is it OK to be anti-trophy/sport hunting but pro hunting for food or population control? I have two relatives that spend massive amounts of time (to the detriment of all else) just to bag that "big buck" that beats out everybody else that year. When i say massive amounts of time i mean every minute they're not working from about aug 15th to Jan 1 when the bow season closes including nights, weekends and holidays. THey even missed christmas dinner last year because they were out hunting.

    At this point in my life ive quit hunting pretty much entirely with the exception of small game control for moms garden out on the farm, and coyote control. I have no problems with most hunting other than the people that do it. Most of them i run into are basically Fudds, and they arent afraid to heap thier crappy opinion on you, and when you disagree, you're not a very good "hunter".

    You guys know i enjoy shooting sports including long range steel silhouette, trap and informal IDPA handgun shooting. I would promote any kind of shooting sport i could but anymore i simply cannot promote trophy/sport hunting as a legit sport and this is why. 95% of hunters around this area that trophy hunt do not eat what they bag nor do they give it to charity, homeless shelters etc. They simply hunt for horns and thats the extent of it. My relatives keep the head and hide for mounting and the carcass is set out for the barn cats to chew on. Some hunters have been known to haul the carcass home, cut off the head and throw the rest in a dumpster.

    My conundrum is this: When i tell someone im against trophy hunting, they automatically assume im agaisnt hunting in general and some even construe im anti-gun because of this stance. I was having a beer one night in the local watering hole with a couple freinds from the silhouette range and we were called "those anti-hunting *****" by several of the local "hunting guide" crowd. This is becoming a devisive issue and im tired of being belittled as anti-hunting when i only dislike hunting solely for sport. Ive been asked to leave a resturaunt/bar i used to frequnet because of my "anti-hunting" stance, and a local retailer (whom i used to think was a pretty good guy) questioned my sexual orientation when i told him in conversation i was against sport hunting. Why is it no one in the gun community is allowed to be anti sport/trohpy hunting without being ripped apart by the remainder?

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    I would neve have thought it would e as big of a deal as it has turned out for you.

    I hope things work out for you.

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    I don;t like the souly hunting for the horns either. However I don't see anything wrong with bragging about that big o'le buck you have there in the freezer. KEY WORDS in the freezer. :)

    As for the tossing the meat from a Big enought to be trouphy sized buck. DAgkkh what a waste. But I woudn't get upset to the point of loosing sleep. Remeber they have to abtain a tag and if they are dumb enough to waste it then that is on them.
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    I have the same issue. Excess trophy hunters are the Paris Hiltons of the Redneck world. Obviously overcompensating for something. They usually have a $40,000 truck towing a ATV because they are too lazy to walk. They like to shop for lots of gear in "Mossy Oak" and probably never clean, or eat the animal themselves.

    As my grandfather said, "only kill something if you're gonna eat it or it's going to eat you".
  5. Firearm and hunting aficionados are usually a pretty tight nit and defensive bunch. Sounds to me like you got Zumbo-ed.

    Now, I totally agree with you, but if you say the same thing among hunters or people that make money from taking rich people on trophy huntig expeditions... then you will get a diffrent reaction.

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    I was brought up that you hunt to eat NOT hunt for trophies but if IF you are lucky and a good sized buck walks by ok. But I fid most big rack jobs have the toughest meat on them so I would settle for something a little more sweet and tender :wink:
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    Yep +1
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    It hurts me to think theres cats in your area feasting on fresh venison regularly when even frozen stuff is soo hard to come-by for me.
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    And like thayld said, no shame in bragging that you got it as long as you USE it. Still would like to go wolf hunting sometime in my life up in Alaska (only way to justify it as they are a problem up there). And of course, I would use it all, no sense in throwing it away :|
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    The problem I see is that the desire to bag the "Big Buck" has corrupted the sport. I see alot of those types of hunters here in Northern Arizona as well. They'll spend $3,000+ on their longarm, twice as much on the "look" of the gear, remote treestand digital cameras to spot for them, $7,000 on a "trail rated" ATV to do the tracking for them, and the beforementioned truck to haul them and their expensive gear there but not the meat back.

    It is a waste of not only money, but natural resources that are carefully regulated by both nature, and secondarily by the government attempting to preserve the balance in order to fit the hunter culture that many of North American culture treasure. It's also the ego of the sport that is corrupting their homelives and relationships (as evident by...well, your expression of fustration)

    Myself? I do not hunt. I have no need for the extra meat from hunting, so beyond the basic need it's my religious tennants that come into play. For those who hunt for meat, I respect them because they tend to understand ecology and biology more than most hippies. They take only what they need, and very often share with the community so that everyone they know ends up getting some tasty morsels of game that otherwise would go for about $40 a plate.

    For those who abuse the system for the sport of it, and do not respect the balance attempting to be maintained by hundreds of thousands of people in the hunting and ecological industry, they're doing the largest disservice to the public and the sport by their actions.
  11. I have no problem with the people going on these trophey hunts. I have known many men that I met through work that go on regular hunts in africa and do not bring the meat back as what they want is the trophey. BUT they do respect the land, animals, and local community by donating every bit of the meat to a local tribe or community, often sponsoring a huuuge feast with all the trimmings. They usually tell me they enjoy this every bit as much as the hunt and trophey itself and that a place for the meat has already been decided before the hunt takes place so there are people eagerly waiting for that hippo or whatever they are their to hunt. It's respect for the animal slain that I believe must be remembered. Throwing one in a dumpster or leaving in the brush is disrespectful and a total disgrace and says alot of what people are becoming.
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    Personally I'll take an 80 lb hog over a 400 lb hog. The meat is just soooo yummy! By the time they get to the size that is considered "trophy" sized, the meat is pretty worthless, so I don't have a problem with someone taking a 400 lb hog, and then not eating it... While I wouldn't go on a "trophy" hunt myself, I don't think I'm the person to tell others they shouldn't. As long as it is taken within season, and legally, then I'm okay with it. But like others said, don't just kill it and throw it in a dumpster.
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    Same thing as gunsnobs, SW.
    I am in the same realm as you: I dont hunt, but do advocate RKBA, and the shooting sports in general. The "resentment" that you have witnessed, it happens in all manners of life: cars, sports, etc. Sad to say, but that "Us vs Them" mentality is the first step to divide gun owners in general. Once that happens, its snowballs from there.
    Remember our friend, Zumbo?
  14. Back in my hunting days, I saw more often than I wanted deer laying in the field with nothing but the heads cut off. What a waste.

    I no longer hunt, but am a dedicated gun owner. If I am asked if I hunt, I say no, not unless I have to hunt to eat, which at this time I do not have to.

    I am glad I do not live where people question my sexuality because I do not feel the need to trophy hunt.

    Just tell them you are not in it for the horns, and leave it at that.
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    Yeah I do not hunt; (I am a girly man) I felt bad when I killed a couple of rats in my yard. I personally believe that if you are going to kill something you should eat it, wear it or somehow use it productively (pests excluded). I however think that people should be able to go sport hunting if that is how they want to spend their time and money. The deer population is enormous so it is not like we will miss a few here or there that are killed purely as a trophy. I have always wanted to go hunting but after my rat experience I do not think I would really enjoy it.
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    Looks like you need to get a couple of custom T-Shirts made with "Kill what you want, But eat what you kill" on the front.

    They are indeed the "debutant" hunters. Tell them they don't have the "round dangling orbs" to actually eat what they kill. It takes a real man to kill it, clean it, cook it, and eat it.
  17. I don't hunt because I think it's pointless. Well, hunting for "sport". But if it were a life or death scenario, everything within a blocks radius would be dead.
  18. Remind me to stay the hell away from you if Hillery gets elected...
    now that being said i have to say that i believe in hunting for meat but i also enjoy the hunt. I look at like this, say i am in my blind and i have 2 perfect shots lined up one is a 14 point white tail the other is a real big doe i would probally shoot the buck just cause that is an insainly huge deer around here. also i would like to have the credit for that kill. However I always eat the meat also. genrally i put 2-4 deer in the freezer every year. I cant say that i always eat what i kill because i have shot many a yote's and have never eaten one. so i guess i am some where in the middle on this one. Thats just my two cents. :D
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    Around here the majority of hunters turn into complete a$$holes during hunting season. For some reason it brings out the worst in people. Especially so now that there is money to be made in "guide" services and hunting leases.