Cool holster for all Hi-Point models

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Srben, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Dude that is way way sick thanks I just ordered mine as well. I think that I will use it for work with my XD-9 as the holsters that I have for my c9 and cf380 work for my xd-9.

  2. hipoint.nut

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    That's a nice holster.
  3. I just got another mailer. If you enter the word "holiday" in the coupon code, you'll get 40% off anything they sell. I bought a Tommy Pack from them and I like the quality of it. I can't wait to see my new holster.
  4. i'm getting one of those holster
  5. Dr. Dave

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    For Lefty's too!

    I just got an email back from Pat at they have the Cyclone for leftys in Green and Desert Camo, other colors are coming soon. As soon as black is available I'm getting one.
  6. yah, that sucks. i need a lefty too
  7. fiVe

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    I'm a lefty too! I ordered a green one today.
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    Ooohh.... sweet combo! 20 bucks is a good deal. I really don't NEED a thigh holster, but I think it would look cool :D
  9. its a regular holster that doubles as a thigh holster. so you can have both :D and it would look cool 8)
  10. for those who received their holster. got a review?
  11. O.K., here goes:

    This is what the holster looks like when you start out:


    Basically, it's a heavy duty material that's got Velcro affixed. You place your gun in the wrap and adjust the length strap (shown under muzzle here):


    and then complete the "wrap":


    Here is a shot of the adjustable retention strap:


    This holster makes sense for someone with a number of guns that doesn't want to learn a new holster for each. It will fit any of the Hi-Point models (or any other gun because of the adjustability of it), and is designed for OWB carry. It's a good holster, but for the Hi-Point, I'd go with the Fobus holster and magazine pouches. They're quality as well, but they fit like a rubber glove, and they're probably more "concealed carry" friendly than this model. However, if this model with thigh strap and retention strap tickle your fuzzy spot, you could do a lot worse. It's price and versatility are fantastic. My .02...
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    I bought one, and I think that it is very bulky, especially if you are using it for a concealed weapon. It has a ton of velcro on it. And the trigger guard on my .40 snags on the edge everytiime. Dunno, maybe its just me! Just me .02!