Cool little kit

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  1. That's a neat kit. Good starting point.

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    I have one in the glove box in my truck. I bought it as a little novelty joke, That also doubled as a never know huh???

    If youd like I could get off my arse and take a pick for you all. still in the plastic wrapper too.
  3. The only problem with those is that once you open it, that's it. You can not close it up.
    I prefer the BOAT, Bug Out Altoids Tin. Load it with the things YOU want in it. Then you can seal it up with some electrical tape or wrap some Paracord around it to keep it shut.
    I have a BOAT in a couple of my jackets. Fit's real nice & you can reload it with stuff that you have used or change the stuff in it with the seasons.
  4. The sealed sardine kits were originally designed for the British Commando's and RAF pilots during WW2. Neat little kits to have if you dont mind paying for them. The B.O.A.T. kits like Capt Cook mentioned are essentially the same thing and can be updated, used and refilled as needed. BOATs are not entirely water proof though, but some ingenuity with tape or sealant and you can have a completely water tight little pocket kit.