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I always hated the sling swivels that come with our beloved 995 and 4095. I appreciate that we get a sling and swivels included with our purchase- it's a nice touch. But they never really "swivel" much and look like an afterthought.

Anyhow, I was looking at mine the other day and got an idea- what if I drilled out the rivets? Wouldn't I be left with swivel studs, like you see on most high-end commercial firearms? So, I grabbed my trusty cordless and went to town. And guess what? It worked perfectly! Those rivets drilled out in two seconds, leaving me with swivel studs. I then took a pair of Uncle Mike's detachable swivels and popped them on. Now my 4095 has real sling swivels. It looks and works better.

And before someone else does it, allow me:


(I need to figure out the whole pic posting thing!)
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