COPS crew member shot and killed on the job

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    What isn't clear in the first article is that he was apparently caught in the crossfire and shot by police
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    What's the point? Were the cops bad shots? Did the TV guy get in too close? Was it retaliation because he was a jerk?
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    Well I guess those airsoft gun now have a report like a REAL gun?

    "the suspect discharged a handgun that turned out to be an Airsoft pellet gun"

    " He says witnesses reported hearing the gun and seeing the recoil."

    Another case of just a little too quick on the trigger.
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    There's no point.
    Crew member got shot by the po-po on the job.
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    Well, that sucks for everyone involved.:(
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    Frankly, I'm shocked it hasn't happened before now.

    I blame the show COPS and, indirectly, the people who watch it. I mean, seriously, you have a whole darn film crew following LEO's into dangerous situations, eventually some of it is gonna splash on them. How could it not?

    Everyone here knows how dangerous a job it is to be an Embedded Reporter with the Military or a Combat Photographer. Why do we not apply the same simple logic to "Embedded Reporters" who are embedded with LEO's?

    Of course one of them is eventually gonna get killed! This isn't Rocket Surgery. :p

    Peace favor your sword,
  8. I knew a combat photographer in NASIC who has a photo of himself hanging off the tread of a helicopter upside down to get a picture of a firefight between some insurgents and our guys on the ground. Said it was a spur of the moment type thing and he caught all sorts of Hell for it from his CoC (almost lost a stripe), but if that picture doesn't show up in TIME or something, I'll eat my damn hat. And this was while the birds were taking direct and indirect ground fire.