Coracoid Plexus Papilloma ??

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by ratchet1957, May 23, 2014.

  1. Has anyone here ever been through this ?? It seems I have a lot on my mind lately and I have the MRI pics to prove it ! I wont know exactly whats all entailed until I see the Neurologists that my family doc is sending me to BUT it does seem to explain damn near ALL the new problems I have been having the last few years , Headaches ( getting really bad now ) , Dizziness , ringing in the ears , ( I thought it was tinnitus ) , Pressure in my cranium , weak legs , burning sensations ,No energy , sleepiness, insomnia , even MORE back pain than I have already had ? I just wrote most of it off to old age and all the injuries and surgeries I have had over the years acting up ! It's either a Tumor or a Cyst , I wont know for sure until I see the Neurologists and have further tests , Good news is it is "usually" benign , Keyword "usually" lol !
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    Glad you caught it before it caused serious damage.

    Now you "get" to do brain surgery, right? Scary, but they are pretty good at it these days.

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    if getting older wasn't enough of a kick in the ass...

    I believe it was either Socrates or Aristotle (one of the great philosophers) defined a universal truth as irrefutable gravity: Youth is wasted on the young.

    Be keeping ya in my prayers
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    dang, wtf? seems alot of us are coming down with nasty bugs as of late.
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    It's a conspiracy to get rid of the 'angry old white guys'

    * evil laugh *
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    Luckily there is nothing in a liberal's head to tumor-ize..... Your safe!
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    I'll keep you in my prayers ratchet.
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    ditto that!

    Best Wishes Ratchet
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    Dang! You've been in fire lately.
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    Just got back on my med..... Should curb things a bit.
  11. Best wishes, ratchet. Praying for you.

    No experience with that. Because of tinnitus they did do an MRI on on my head last year to rule that out. That revealed some other issues that I had to have surgery for. I hate surgeries in my head.
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    Lol! Probably. :p