Corrosive Ammo Cleaning Help(non-hi-point ???)

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    I need help!
    I have recently bought a Mosin with 440 rounds of corrosive ammo. I have looked all over the net on what is the best way to clean the gun after shooting this ammo and found all kinds of advise that I am not sure about.
    While following a lot of the posts on this site and loving my 995TS and her little sister C9 I found there is a lot of knowledgeable people here that know about guns.
    So what is your advice!
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    It isn't really a big deal. Just don't let it sit after you shoot the corrosive ammo. At least run a patch with some kind of cleaner through the barrel. Some people run some window cleaner (with ammonia) through it to take out the corrosive salts, but any decent cleaner will do the trick. I'll run a brush through the barrel when I get home and finish with a very lightly oiled patch.

  3. I clean my black powder guns with hot soapy water. Black powder is a lot more corrosive than corrosive military surplus ammo. Just make sure your gun is completely dry and oiled before putting it back together.
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    What he said. Just clean it, for real, not just a quick shot with a bore snake, but actually clean it.

    You can use ANYTHING, including water. Though you do need to then really do a good job drying and oiling.;)

    Good idea to take the bolt apart as well, get into the nooks and crannies inside. Some guys drop the parts in boiling water, they are then so hot they dry really easily.

    Other than water or Windex, people use several things, like Ballistol or CLP, and there are others.
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    I always clean ASAP after shooting. I've been using Hoppe's #9 to clean, followed by a light film of oil. I've had my Mosin Nagant for about a year and running strictly Russian surplus ammo without any negative effects. As ajole mentioned, I also disassemble the bolt give it a good wipe down followed by a light oiling.
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    Now let's say you're camping many miles from civilization. You brought your Mosin but forgot the cleaning kit. Now you're cooking up what very little remains of the rabbit and rattle snake you shot for din-din and you remember you used corrosive ammo. What do you do? No worries my friend. Just simply pee down the barrel. Sterile liquid for cleaning with a hint of ammonia for neutralization. Problem solved
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    Windex, a good brush, and light oiling when all dry an clean. All you need to do. Well I found it the easiest.
  8. I heard once that CW soldiers used this method to clean their guns. Don't know how much truth is in it.

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    Thank you all for the advice!
    If i do not have Windex or Hopp's i'll just piss on it.
  10. Congrats on your Mosin-Nagant purchase, you're gonna love it!
    Cicpup is right, peeing down the barrel is a tried and true method, how else would Ivan be able to do it in the battle of Stalingrad, etc.? Me, I prefer Windex. As others have said, clean 'er out, wipe 'er down, and oil 'er up.
    Mosin Nagant dis-assembly was designed to be easy; most of the Russian army population were simple peasant farmers with little know-how.
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    Before Kirk I'd bring some Windex to the range and the time I forgot I just poured some of my water bottle down the barrel.
    Cleaned as usual at home.
    It's all good..... DON 'T PANIC :D
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    Thank you for the education! I am trying to learn all I can about the Mosins as i love the history of firearms production and use
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    I'm not actually ticked. It's just a game we play when a commonly asked questions comes up for which a sticky exists.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    Make sure you UNLOAD the rifle before you attempt to do this.....:eek:
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    Clean with boiling water after. Urine contains uric acid.

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