Cost to add decent sights to an old 1911 pistol

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  1. I know someone who has a sad sights on a .45 Auto 1911 pistol with the below picture sights. (The picture is not the actual pistol but it looks similar.) I was wondering the cost estimate of putting a new decent three dot sight system on the slide. I am guessing a gun smith would need to install the sights. The sights would not be tritium night sights. Just a decent three dot sight system.

  2. The front of the slide needs to be dovetailed, and possibly the rear dovetail needs to be opened. How much depends on the sights.

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    If the gun is an old original M1911, it might be worth more with OEM sights.

    But if he just wants to shoot better with his gun, then he will need some gun smithing to install the sights, unless he can find some sights that will fit into existing dovetails, or tenons.

    For more on that check this.

    Oddly, he might be better off buying a complete slide with modern sights.

    Really, we need the exact model, maker and maybe year of the gun. Then we could point you at replacements.
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  4. I think it is a 1927 Argentina 1911 pistol. Replacement 5 inch slides from what I have seen are $235 without shipping and sights.

    I am guessing $135 about for replacement sights and installation. I've seen a dove tail front sight for only $20 about. I cannot imagine the rear sight being much more than $30. That would mean about $85 for a gun smith. Is my price estimate accurate?
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    I'd bet his front is not a dovetail model.:confused:

    Those links GoesBang posted would be worth checking.

    No need for a gunsmith if you get the right sights, just check that link I posted for instructions..;)
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    Sights on that model are staked. You need to find out if you have the wide tenon or the narrow one. You can find a front sight blank for about $10 - $15. Prices go up from there. I would recommend a set of night sights if I were going to change them. You should be able to find them somewhere around the $100 mark.

    Figure about $50 - 75 for someone to stake them for you. or you can buy a staking tool for about the same price and do it yourself. Just take your time, it's not that hard to do. The rear sight is not a problem, it's a simple dovetail.

    You can have the front sight dovetailed, but getting someone to cut it isn't cheap. I would just buy a new slide if I was going that route.
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    You know, he can get laser grips too. Bolt on, easy peasy. Not cheap at all.:(
  8. Cheap! cheap! I used a $2 dollar bottle of florescent nail polish on mine. A small drop on the very top of the front and rear sights. I used acetone to get the sights clean and oil free before I did it. Hasn't come off from cleaning in a year. Much easier target acquisition. The hardest part is going through the checkout with it...:rolleyes:
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  9. Lol that's what I use too. With five daughters my hard part Is deciding on a shade.