Could use some help - NOW WITH PICS!!!!

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm leaving for a business trip in Europe in a few hours and I should have internet access at some point but not sure when / where. I've traveled quite a bit in the past and I'm no stranger to Europe as well.

    I've had some family bumps this weekend, nothing about health or anything like that, just say my son does not want me going. In addition to that, before this weekend, I've sort of felt funny. I haven't traveled in a while so nerves I'm sure are playing some role, but honestly I am a bit itchy about this trip. I can't explain it but if the trip were canceled today, I'd be happy. I've not ever felt this way traveling before.

    So.... no need to respond to the note, but if you could take a moment to think about me and my family in the coming days, I would be so appreciative. I've seen the power of this forum in action and it's a bit inspiring to say the least.

    In the meantime - stay safe and aware, and take care of yourselves. God Bless each of you.
  2. I will pray that you are safe on your flight.

  3. SAFE trip Newskate9. Prayers out too You and Family.
  4. Have a safe trip newskate9. Let us know when you get back. You and yours will be in our prayers.
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    As a fellow member stuck on a trip out of town: Yeah, I hear ya.
    All you can do is make sure all your stuff is squared away, watch out for wierdos (!!) and keep your wits about you. Thats the best advice I can give you.
  6. Jettster

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    I don't pray, but I'll ask my Heathen God to watch over you.
  7. Just keep thinking "I'll get an AR when I get home" and the trip will go nice and smoothly, but then you'll be obligated to yourself to buy one when you get win situation!
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    Dude watch your 6. Stay smart. We will pray for your safe return.
  9. Stay safe Newskate, and I hope your itch is wrong and you have some fun over there.
  10. Prayers headed your way. Stay Alert/Stay Safe. Watch yourself just like back here. and everything will be okay. Keep the faith.
  11. Keep your head down, watch your 6 and amke sure you arse is covered. Safe trip my friend. We'll see you in transit or when you get back, whichever comes first.
  12. Newskate: If it's any comfort, premonitions and odd feelings don't count for much: I was caught overseas when the first Gulf war broke out and later when the Afghanistan offensive began. It feels weird and ominous, but -- God willing -- events flow around you.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, but I have the preconception that you're home free!

    Stay in touch with us.
  13. Be sure to keep your wallet in your front pocket and seperate from your money and credit cards.
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    Be safe my friend. You and your family will be in my our thoughts and prayers.

    We will see you here soon. :D
  15. Skate, Stay safe. Our prayers are with you and yours. I think we just get more cautious and feel safer at home as we get older. Try to enjoy yourself!
  16. Good day all......... your comments and thoughts brought tears to my eyes.

    I am happy to say, I'm typing from Milan, Italy. My flight over and travel thus far has been storybook. Our work went better than anyone expected. Our play consisted of lunch at the Ferrari plant in Modena, dinner cooked by the Ferrari Team Chef, and more great food and drink than one can imagine.

    I'm off to Switzerland tomorrow for a few days and then home next week. I cannot tell you how your thoughts have helped me get to this point. It was not a good time to leave and all the other feelings I had. After my trip, I'll create a photo album to share some pics.

    God Bless you all, thank you.........
  17. Don't know how I missed this Skate but I'll be looking forward to the pics and your safe return.
  18. Hey Skate. A little late but I'm glad to hear you're safely on your way.
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    It is ok to be jumpy before a trip like that! I am always get real jumpy tell that bird gets in the air! Then I relax a little..... Really I don't relax all the way tell I land on the other side of the pond. So you are not alone. :D
  20. good to hear it went well. I'm all green with envy that you got to check out the ferrari plant.