Could you kill a bear with a 7.62.54 round?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by ConstantineC9, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. I am not hunting bear or anything of the sort but, I am moving to the ''sticks''. I JUST wanted to know, could you take large game with the caliber? I dont wanna be undergunned in the woods when I am 4wheelin.
  2. Thanks for the help guys :roll:

  3. Strangerous

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    7.62x54r will rip through 2 bears, ALSO most posts aren't answered within an hour of posting.

    will elaborate in a moment. geezus!
  4. Lol, thank you. Sorry the suspense was killing me.
  5. Strangerous

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    Performance wise it's in the same class as the .30-06...
    .30-06 w/ 150gr @ 2700 fps
    7.62x54R w/ 147gr @ 2886 fps
    So, there it is!

  6. Thanks.
  7. Silicon Wolverine

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    7.62x54R would kill most any critter on the planet given you hit it in the right spot. The 30-06 has done just that.

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    Absolutely. Without question, a big plus one to what they wrote. I have an almost irrational fondness for my Mosin Nagant M38. I wouldn't hesitate to carry it around in the woods.
  9. JasonJ

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    i think its elephants and maybe rhinos that would need a follow up shot or two..

    most everything else on the planet (except blue whales) would die very quickly.

  10. That's the answer I was realy lookin for, for $80 dollars the Mosin Nagant seems like a steal. Does anyone know where I could find ammunition? I know WallyWorld doesn't have it.
  11. No bear will stand a chance. The Mosin will go clean thru a bear and if it happens to strike a bone, well, thats going to leave a mess inside that bear. As an alternative a pump 12g full of slugs will also do the job very effectively. Just search the net for your ammo. 7.62x54 surplus is still very cheap compared to modern ammo. Lots of selection as well. Soft, hard, steal, light, heavy whatever you want. A few companies are making current production non corrosive if you don't mind paying for it.

  12. I have a 12 gauge Armscor pump but it's a ''riot gun''. 20 inch barrel and heat sheild. I was thinking it is not sufficiant for longer than 15 yard for accuracy. What ammunition would you reccomend, soft point, heavy, steel? I am new to rifles, the only rifle I own is a 22 Springfield single shot. And just incase someone brings it up: the recoil will not matter much to me as I fire mostly 00 buck out of my 12. Anyways ill search the web for some ammunition choices.
  13. Kagern

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    I think some of the folks here are seriously overestimating the power of the 7.62x54R. Yes, it will kick the shit out of a large, scary Nazi. Of course, about the smallest bear you're gonna find out there will weigh 300 lbs. An American brown bear can get over 1100 lbs.

    Seems that people are comparing 7.62x54R to a .30-06 on performance, and calling it good. Would just like to note that in Speer (the bullet maker) loading manuals in the .30-06 loads, they state: 'Normally, bullets weighing 200 to 220 grains would be chosen for bear, although we STRONGLY encourage using larger bores and heavier bullets for big and dangerous bruins.' (the caps are theirs, and bruin is another name for a brown bear). The lightest they actually recommend for brown bear is 338-06 Winchester or 340 Weatherby.

    Using a 150 gr bullet at 2886 ft/s only generates a Matunas optimal game weight of about 650 lbs at 100 yds. The 220gr max load, which they still consider underpowered for bear, has an OGW of over 1200 lbs at the same range.

    You're also kinda stuck with FMJ unless you hand load aren't you?

    Don't seem like a good idea to me.

  14. Dang that sux, I dont reload and would be using FMJ rounds most likely. So it's a bad idea period?
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    Not a good idea, Well I'll be darned. OVERESTIMATING the power? nossir! What i've posted is the truth. I don't care what speer says, and sir, if FORCE = MASS x ACCELLERATION... then the 7.62x54r round should drop that bear. So what that bullet lacks in the FABLED "Knock down power" it more than makes up for in the PROVEN realm of penetration...

    I'm curious as to what million dollar word that "Matunas" is supposed to be, because it's either foreign or misspelled BADLY.


  16. Thank god, it feels like weight has been lifted off my shoulders, lol. I really think that's a great price for the gun and the caliber it shoots. And basically im glad im not undergunned in most situations I may encounter be it a Wolf, Cyote, Mountain Lion or Bear.
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    Constantine9, go with what you are comfortable with, it's up to you bud. It does not matter what I, that guy, this guy, or the guy at the store tells you. Do some research yourself, and make your own decisions in the end. But i personally you would have no problem taking a bear with a 7.65x54r, as long as you can acquire a shot, if he's running at you, well then you should unload into the bear with all you've got, no matter WHAT you've got.
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    Edward Matunas is an shooting sports author, who developed a series of mathematical formulas for quantifying the general power of a cartridge, expressed in weight of a game animal. It's good enough for Lyman and other manufacturers, and its good enough for me. And no, I don't know if he's foreign or not, even though it _obviously_ affects the validity of his work.

    Yes, I'm sure a 7.62x54R is capable of killing bears. I'm also sure that a .22 can kill an elephant. You can kill a man with a toothpick. That doesn't mean we should all be hunting dangerous game with .22 revolvers.

    Some people are happy carrying a 5 shot .22 short for personal defense. I carry a 14 round .45 ACP +P. Would I refuse to use a 7.62x54 against a charging bear if its what I had? No. Would choose a 7.62x54 as my weapon, knowingly going into a situation where I may have to defend myself against a bear? No.

    Am I telling Constantine here that there is no possible way he could ever use this cartridge to kill a bear? No. I am expressing my opinion, that if I considered defense against a bear a realistic possibility, I would carry something more potent.

  19. Well, I am comfortable with all guns ever made, lol. The purpose of the rifle and caliber would be for a defencive head shot is what I was thinking of. Like you said, and also my way of thinking, ''unload on his arse''.