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This is Council Tools throwing hatchet. It's part of their sport utility line. This means that it has a grade C handle and the head is not as well finished, or should I say sharpened as their premium axes.

The blade was acceptably sharp, if not hair popping sharp. About 10 minutes with an oilstone, and it was hair popping sharp! The handle was acceptable. The grain was not perfectly straight up and down, but it was close. Not perfect, but good enough. I don't expect any problems. I like that the handle is unfinished. It allows me to stain it to my liking. I will try and match it to my bushcraft knife.

I have not thrown it, and do not intend to. It does conform to the rules for a competition throwing axe though. Both the blade and poll are heat treated while the cheek is not. This will allow the axe to be used as a hammer, something that would of resulted in a trip behind the wood bin in years past!

I have only processed one pine log (actually a piece of Leland Cypress) into kindling. Something that is usually reserved for my Plumb single bevel hatchet. I thought I might be disappointed with the Flying Fox, as this is what the Plumb was designed to do. But no worries, the Flying Fox performed admirably. I will say no better, but no worse than the Plumb. This is with only 15 minutes or so with the hatchet, certainly no long term review, but enough to let me know that I am looking forward to using this axe.

Is there anything I would change? I think so. At 16" the handle is on the short side of what I was looking for. I think the Flying Fox screams for a 19" or maybe even a 21" handle. But then it would not qualify as a throwing hatchet. I will try the 16" handle for a while and see if it grows on me. I believe I will likely rehaft it sometime in the future.

I think this axe is worth every bit of the $45 I paid for it. (I already had the mask, it did not come with the axe)
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PS: I see it is on sale as I write this.
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Just looking at it, I thing you’re right about the length, the head looks like it would be perfect with a few more inches of handle on it. It just looks proportionally head heavy. But that’s just looks, which could be completely wrong.
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