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  1. I am sure that most know how good pill bottles work for match container, they are water proof and fairly durable. I have started to glue a dremel tool cut off wheel to the top of the cap to give me something to strike the matches on (only works with strike anywhere matches). I know that strike anywhere matches are supposed to be "strike anywhere", but when your hands are cold and the rocks are wet with snow, having a convenient striker makes things just a little nicer.

    Also, for those of you who use MRE's when you go camping or hiking, save the outer bags. They can be resealed with a regular food saver vacuum sealer. You can't vacuum seal them, but they will seal. They are very heavy duty bags to protect your stuff with. I have one with extra fire starting gear all sealed up and water tight. Just make sure you mark them well so you don't grab that bag instead of a full MRE if your in a hurry.

  2. 35 mm film containers are good to store vasoline coated cotton balls in for getting a fire started . If you have a kydex sheath for you sheath knife you can make Ranger Bands from bicycle innertube and streach them around the sheath , this also makes good fire starters.
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    Using your bean bro.
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    Another good fire starter is created every time you dry your clothes. Dryer lint works very well at starting a fire and it's FREE. You can fill a 35mm film can with the stuff in a couple of weeks drying. Also, a little bit goes a long way in getting the kindling burning. You can cut a piece of sandpaper to fit inside the film can lid and glue it there. Another striking surface that's cheap for lighting matches.

    Combine this with some lifeboat matches and a wood splitting tool like a hatchet, tomahawk, or good knife in a BOB and you should be able to start a survival fire in no time.
  5. Dryer lint works great so long as it's cotton lint. Problem is a LOT of clothes today are blends of synthetics and all this does is smolder into little stinky piles of goo leaving you with no fire.

    Vasoline coated cotton balls is what works best for me and I keep them in 35mm film canisters for the small kits and in smaller tupper wear type containers for larger kit's.

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    This is why is you want to have lint for your BOBs then you need to do the laundry. Most towels are 100% cotton as are diapers. Look on the label and only wash and dry things that are 100% cotton in that load.
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    Have any of you ever rubbed a 9 Volt battery on a wad of steel wool?
    That will get a fire going!
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    There was a post on another forum where you put the vaseline cotton balls in a foil pouch with a slit cut in it for the cotton to stick through. Then the fire starter can be extinguished and re-used.
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    I have had mixed results with dryer lint. As long as it stays dry your fine. In my neck of the woods it is not uncommon to find Birch trees. I always grab a handful of bark strips and keep it in a zip lock bag in my kit or pocket. The key is to peel the bark into the thin paper like strips. Best of all it will start when damp because it retains a small amount of oil.

    Don't forget the old sportsmans standby for a match case. Take one 12 gauge and one 20 gauge case and slide them together. It works great. I've had one like that in my gear for 20 years.
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    +1 on drying the towels I've got a ziplock freezer bag full.