Couple newby Hi-Point questions

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  1. I'm a 62 year shooter, handloader, and used to compete in bowling pin matches, NRA Hunter Pistol, and IHMSA 200 meter handgun matches. Since those days my eyesight has gone to hell of course. I am considering getting a Hi-Point carbine.

    How are the open sights on these? Is it a peep type sight?

    I would have to decide between a .45 acp or 9mm. I have a Colt 1911, and the dies for reloading. But I also like the 9mm as ammo is quite a bit cheaper. I would have to buy a set of dies for the 9.

    One question. As far as the 9mm and .45acp, which of these can the mags function in both the HP .45acp or the 9mm? Seems like HP would have made pistol and carbine mags interchangeable, and they might have sold a few more guns to owners wanting the set of both guns in the same caliber.
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    Get the 4595 that way you don't have buy other dies. And the Mags fit fine ;)

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    Like Moonz said, the .45 mags fit both carbine and handgun, as do the .40, but not the 9mm.

    If you are looking for an excuse to go to a 9mm, this would be one way to do it, but since you are into the .45 already, I'd say stay with it.:p

    The sights are peep sight aperture rear, elevation and windage adjustable; with a partially hooded front, almost like a target style globe set up, but not quite. Open on top, no swapping posts or front sight like with a Lyman or BRNO target sight. But it can also adjust (crudely) for elevation and windage.
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    I am way younger than you and sadly my eyes do not do that well with the stock peep sights. There is a great sighting system called a See All Open Sight. Works just like a red dot without whe batteries

    The awesome thing that no one talks about is the point of aim indicator gets bigger as you move the sight down towards the tip of the barrel. So I can move it until the sight is in focus for me. I have three of these units and will be getting one for my 995TS


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    Since you're doing 45 ACP already, apply a little cowboy tech and make sure your rifle shoots the same round as your pistol. It simplifies your logistics.
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    That's an interesting piece. Looks a little clunky though.
  7. Ditto on the above. Acquired my 4595 not long ago, and also carry a 1911 .45. Love being able to reload range ammo for both. I see that you reload. Both my pistol and the carbine eat Hi-Tek coated, 230 grn, round nose like candy. Same recipes as lead, but no leading up the barrels.

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    Function over form. Its a black rectangle, definitely nothing fancy or interesting about its look, but I've been researching these like mad after seeing them at a local gunshow and will be making a couple of them residents of my gun locker.
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    :welcome: BirdMove!
    The mags do not interchange on the 995/C9 combo, but DO work for
    both the 4095/JCP and 4595/JHP carbine/pistol combos. I think you
    will really like the carbines, I have all three :D Plus a JCP and JHP!

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    9mm carbine mags will work in the pistol but pistol mags are too short for the carbine.
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    They "fit" but they're sloppy as hell.
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