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    The same day I bought the shotgun, I went over to a friends house to pick these two pistols up. One is a FIE 22 revolver and the other is a Lorcin 25..

    the Lorcin he was just gonna throw away because of the magazine is broken, where the lips are bent outward causing the spring and the base? to come out. Im thinking I may be able to bend the lips back in to hold it all together... take a look at the pic... is it possible?


    And here is a pic of the Lorcin and the revolver... the wheel in place now fires 22 LR rounds, and the extra wheel is chambered for the 22 Magnum...


    He threw in a few bits of ammo for these things, although, the box of 50ct 25 cal is dated 1992.. lol only went for 10 bucks a box back then it looks like... is the ammo still good? or does it expire? lol

    either way.. now have 5 pistols and 5 longguns.. in less than a year... how the heck did that happen?

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    Id give the bend method A try, HEck the worst I think could happen is it still wont work.

    And it looks to be Two nice scores.
  3. First, congrats on the buy: looks really good!

    It lasts a long time, depending on storage. My Dad has a box of .22 longs that are _probably_ in great shape, but that will never be fired: my Mom gave them to him for his birthday in 1942 (after they'd been dating three months). He fired one round, and has saved the rest ever since.
  4. Nice guns dude, you scored!

    Shoot that ammo dude, it should be just fine.
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    congrats, and you should slap your friend for wanting to throw away a firearm. God only knows where it could have ended up if he just tossed it in the trash. At least it is in good hands now.
  6. +1
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    My grandpa had 1955 .410 shotshells and we fired them recently. Every one of them popped. They were paper casings, brass should be fine. Shoot them up.
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    mmmmmmmm. Paper casing shotshells! I do believe Federal is the only company that still produces paper casing.
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  10. I like that revolver. After I am satisfied with my auto pistol collection, I really want to buy a pair of colt six shooters!!!! I am sure that won't be til quite some time but I am very patient and willing to wait til I graduate and get a real job!!