Coyotes & Big Cats

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  1. Does the 995 carbine pack enough punch to drop a coyote in it's tracks? How about a big cat like a cougar?

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Glockman can answer better then anyone as he's put down some yotes with it. There may be others out here as well

  3. andrew241

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    I haven't shot a yote but a big cat yes. I would say it could do the job on yotes, just keep the range into play.
  4. 1motion

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    coyotes for sure but mountain lions are pretty damn tough speaking from personal experience... if i ran into one and all i had was a 995 i would be praying for some head shots.

    dont think a 9mm would have enough effect on it before he managed to rip your flesh off, they are fast and mean.... i would rather run into a bear at least they keep their options on the table
  5. 9mmXfactor

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    what kind of bear are you running into?
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    well ive lived in bear country and the tend to stay away from people not stalk them.... thats why i would rather run into a bear they are more predictable, but really.... it would suck either way
  7. Talking about cats, I almost had one jump me last turkey season as I was walking out of the woods with my 2 turkeys slung over my shoulders. I guess she smelled the blood and came to investigate. At that point, I put the turkey's down and un-slung my Mossy 835 *I had it cross slung over my head so I wouldn't drop it* and slung it over my left shoulder. All I had with me other than that was my Sigma 9mm. If she got any closer to me than she was, I was going to give her all I had in the Sigma and then dump the Mossy into her for insurance. She was about 100 feet from me before she stopped, sniffed the air and then took off. After that, I started carrying my Desert Eagle .50AE when I hunt.
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    Ha. And people look at me funny when I take my 1911 with me when I squirrel hunt.

    On the subject of coyotes and bears...

    A few weeks ago when I stayed at Jenny Wiley State Park in eastern Kentucky for some work training there were black bear warning posters everywhere, even in the rooms. The picture was of a black bear strolling across the road with a couple slices of pizza in its mouth. At first I laughed, and then I cringed at what that implied.

    Also, I recently read that coyotes have been migrating from the south west through Minnesota into Canada, interbreeding with wolves, and then migrating further into the New England era. Has anybody heard anything else about these hybrids?
  9. Delivery or Digiorno? :)
  10. We shoot yotes with my neibhors 995 all the time it works just fine. I live right on the river and have a nice chunk of land so we get to se yotes all the time. my wife really hates the little boogers. if any of you are ever in the area look me up come shoot some and my wife will cook you a real nice supper. :D
  11. Ari

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    I always carry a sidearm in the woods! It is for the nuts not the bears
  12. 69burbon

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    The 995 would definitely work for yotes and smaller cats.

    My dad used to laugh at me when I started carrying my C9 into the woods with me while hunting. Last year I almost took a deer with it (20 yard shot, while I was standing behind my truck putting my gear away) but it was a doe and I did not have a doe permit. Now that there has been so much attention with hunters getting attacked/robbed, he does not question it any more.

    I always carry my 1851 Colt revolver during muzzleloader season for a finish shot if needed but never have needed it yet. The last deer I shot went 15 ft (rolled downhill).
  13. browwiw

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    Hey, yesterday while I unlocking the gate to the out door range I belong to a doe walked out the woodline 15ft away from me and stared at me for until I got in the truck and started up the drive. 15 ft! I was halfway tempted get 1911 out the bag and plug it as I drove by. But, alas: a) that would have been highly illegal and b) I was feeling way too lazy to dress out a deer.

    The deer around that outdoor range are so accustomed to gunfire it's stopped being cute.
  14. I'd carry a pistol with me when I gunted too, (my c9). Never know what you're gonna run into.

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    We had coyotes in Maine a while back they were hunted almost out then a lot of dogs were let loose or run wild and they merged with the yotes into coydogs. From what I've been told in recent years coyotes are making a comeback once again. Guess I need to move back to Maine to start wiping the things out again. They used to have a bounty of I believe $5 for every yote pelt ya brought in
  16. Leatherneck

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    I live in Maine, and we have plenty of yotes. I shoot them with my 995 all the time. It's not my first gun of choice when it comes to Yote Huntin', but it does the job. Feed it some nice Hollow Points and it will take down a down a dog up to 75 yards......... Further if you place your shot real well
  17. Sin

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    I have shot wild dogs with .22LR and dropped them in place with a head shot, if hit in the body they will run a bit before dropping.
  18. This disusion gets me to thinking. I have heard that the balistics of the 9mm coming from a 20" barrel are comparable to a 357 mag out of a 6 " barrel. I have taken 4 white tail with my Blackhawk 357 none of them dressed out over 100lbs and one of them I had to track about a quarter mile but it still took them with one shot. I am curious where I could find some reliable 9mm carbine balistics .

    Sorry if that kinda got off track I have dropped Yotes at 100+ yards with a 10/22 So I think that the 995 could handlw anything under 100 yards ( if you can get that close the ones around here are skitishe as all get out Ive had to resort to 200+ yard shots with one of those horribly inaccurate piece of junk ^-^ mini 14's.

    Personally I would want something bigger dealing with a big cat, Im a fan of over kill when it comes to something that might accually eat me.
  19. 69burbon

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    +1 I would have to agree with that statement!! ^-^
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    Don't intentionally hunt with a 9MM or a 40S&W, they aren't made for hunting. You may be able to take out a coyote with one at closer range, but use the right caliber for the job. A 357 Mag 125-158 JHP is the smallest pistol caliber from a lever action you should be using. The 5.56/223, 22-250 are the right tools, that way you make sure they go down dead. Don't take a chance on just wounding them and making them suffer. No animal should be made to suffer, Expect Child Molesters, Rapist, and Terrorist. As for Big Cats, (found in North America) nothing smaller than a 308 w/JHP. Don't forget we have Jaguar moving in from South America again in the Southwest. There have been sightings in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and S. Nevada, and they are bigger and more powerful than a cougar/mountain lion.
    Have fun, and remember, make sure you are not the slowest in your group.