CPL, picking it up Tomorrow

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by reaHP, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. reaHP

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    Tomorrow, I will be joining the ranks of armed, law abiding, citizens. I received my card today telling me that my CPL is ready to be picked up at the courthouse.

    Now I just have to decide which one of the many carry options that I have seen on this site, I want to use. I have a couple of very oversized shirts that will probably work until the weather warms up, or until I can get something smaller than my C9 to carry.

    Anyway... just wanted to share, our numbers are still growing.

  2. elguapo

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    Congrats, and carry wise and well!
  3. Uraijit

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    Congrats! Mine should be in my mailbox any day now... Gotta love this government efficiency!
  4. Congrats! I am also waiting on mine to show up in the mail.
  5. neothespian

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  6. Congrats now carry that C9 proudly where ever you can
  7. Doing the math in my head, I think I have a couple of weeks to a month before mine comes in..

    Congrats though! You're whole aspect on life will change the day you walk out the door with a loaded weapon concealed on your person...