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Discussion in 'Reloading Room' started by khatores, Dec 20, 2007.

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    I like to look at other people's brass sometimes when I go to the range, especially if I see something unique. Today I found a 9mm, it says "S&B" and extending from the open end, about halfway down to the primer end, there is a crack running. It goes all the way through as I can see light through most of it. Burn marks made by escaping gas run the length of it, so it wasn't made afterwards.

    I know it's not mine, because I only use Wally World Winchester at the range, but I am curious about what would cause this, and would it have been a misfire or other failure that the shooter would have noticed?
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    reloaded too many times.

  3. The round may have been reloaded before and the constant shooting, stretching, resizing, trimming etc etc could have weakened the brass enough to cause it to fail. On a recent brass gathering trip I found several Winchester .357Sig, Win .40S&W and some Starline cased .45ACP's in similar condition. Could have been oversized chambers in the guns the brass was shot in because the brass look almost brand new.
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    I have seen cases cracked after 1 firing using factory ammo. A weakness in the metal. Cases will weaken and crack if reloaded too many times. The metal is fatigued from too many resizing operations. The shooter rarely will know if a case cracks from the case mouth down part way to the rear. The chamber will contain the esacping gasses and the shot will usually sound normal.
  5. I'll second Gramps. I have had a few older cases split on me.