Crap ammo worked best in partially loaded mag

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by BCseacow83, Feb 5, 2016.

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    So I bought the only hollow points they had at WM at the time a couple of weeks back, Privi Partisan. Total crap and will not buy again for my gun. I wanted to at least get through them as I paid for them and darn it they were going to get shot. Main issue was failure to eject/stove piping and FTF properly. I tried only loading the mag with 5 rounds instead of 10 and this seemed to pretty much solve the issue. Has anyone noticed there mags working in this fashion? I bought the JCP a little over a month ago and the mags have been loaded and shot and have never sat more than a hour since December unloaded so I assume they are broken in.
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    You should also work those springs down and up using say a dowel rod.
    Magazine lips may also contribute to problem. You need to try a few FMJ rounds and see what they do. HP's can be a bit of trouble in a new magazine. Polishing the feed ramp properly may help a lot on HP rounds.

    I use Prvi in many calibers and have never had one problem over the decades.

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    I have used them in various firearms also with no issues, though not in a hipoint. Might be that particular mag/s or firearm.
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    All of what OO said..

    I have never had any luck starting out with hollow points in any of the HP's I own,, another thing to consider,, other than mag break-in,, is break-in of the firearm itself,, I start with a heathy diet of FMJ ammo,, typically 150rds or more,, before switching to hollow points..

    Also have used Privi ammo,, and not had problems..
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    I'm hoping the PPU I have is as advertised, slightly HOT :D

    EDIT: Just found ballistics, it's so-so... Mediocre Bob Ammo :rofl:
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    I would consider using only FMJ aka ball ammo to break in any gun.
    Hollow points are notorious in any semi auto.
    Literally thousands of links if you search so don't feel bad about it.
    I bought HP's for my .380 and hey don't fit in the magazine as in the jam in the mag of you load more then 2.
    They shoot fine so I've got two different brands loaded in my mags.
    3 of one brand and topped off with two from another brand.
    Coming to think of I do that also moth my JHP.
    Mags are loaded with a mix of steel case, brass, FMJ and hollow points.
    Experiment a little.
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    I should have stated about 200 rounds of FMJ were used prior to the HP's. I also should have not been so critical as crappy was perhaps a bit harsh. For my pistol, so far, the Privi have been crappy. I have about 400 rounds now through the JCP. Thank you for the help folks.
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    Don't be shy lol
    If it doesn't work it doesn't work!
    No need to apologize.