Crashed and Totalled

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    On my way to work today cruising along I-40 in the rain a guy pulled off to the right into the break down lane. He didn't quite stop. I was in the in the right lane. I signaled and was going to the left lane to avoid a potential hazard. This fugtard pulls out! Then he goes for the left lane and is actually attempting to jump across the interstate and go West! I hammered the brakes and gave him my grille and right front fender. I hit this dumbass right square in his driver side wheel well and all the way back to his bumper. I was driving my '93 Corolla. He was in a 2001 Chevy Astro minivan. I T-boned him. Spun him to where he was facing West and I came to a stop off the road in the asphalt median.

    He ended up getting sited. He also was driving on a suspended license. The cops ran him and found out there was 2 warrants out for him from 2008, one for violating his parole. Cuffed and stuffed! I rode in the wrecker with the owner of the van who was sitting in the passenger seat of his van when it happened. Jackass told the wrecker driver that I was going to fast :rofl: I was doing 65-70 in a 70 zone with light traffic. It was his mobile mechanic van. He did have insurance. I didn't have comp and collision on mine as it was too old and I dropped it back in August. Too bad as I would be driving a rental. I have no idea how that will play out.

    I have an appointment to see my doctor. My right chest hurts, much sternum hurts, I have a 6" bruise on my right forearm, pinkie, and ring finger on my left hand are hurting like they are broken up at the top of my hand. Left shoulder is hurting. (already have had problems with it) and the damned knob/button on the pillar between the front and rear door that adjusts the height of the shoulder harness must have been what I hit my head on. (always thought it was a stupid design!) I have a bunch of pain from my left eye socket to a couple of inches behind my ear. That side of my head is bruised, and the top of my ear was a little bloody. Left hip is hurting, and of course my neck too.

    So no work last night, won't be going tonight. A friend came to the tow in lot and helped me unload my stuff from my car. He lent me his '84 C10 pickup. I'll be calling a lawyer in the morning. See where we go from here.

    Time to go soak in some epsoms salt and go to bed. Try to minimize the pain tomorrow.

    It sucks losing that car. Just aligned the front end, new brakes, struts, and tires. I probably won't repack the rear wheel bearings this weekend, or replace the motor mounts! 275K on it and didn't smoke a bit. :( Paid $1400 for it 4 1/2 years ago.

    Glad the airbag worked!

    I sent unDieG the pics............ouch my frigging shoulder blade hurts too! :mad:
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    NE Utah
    Think of all the miles you put in, and to have this sort of thing happen in your own car...:(

    Glad you aren't too beat up. Take it easy, sort out what's really "hurt" vs what just hurts, and take care of it. Us old farts don't heal like we used to.:(

    Get that police report, any witness statements you can get, and sic that lawyer on them and their insurance. Don't let them get away with anything. You'll be lucky to get $2k for the car.:(


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    I've got bruising on my left clavicle area and center left of my chest. I can't figure out what would have happened there. Burning feeling on my face. I guess that was from the airbag? No witnesses that stopped. It immediately took pics. It's very obvious what happened. I have no idea what his insurance limits are. His van had a commercial tag. If we go beyond his coverage we'll see if he has business insurance. He better have commercial vehicle insurance! If not we go the next step. What's funny is we dropped his van first at his house.

    I was carrying in my front pocket. After the police arrived I placed my Shield in the trunk in front of one of the cops. I popped it back in my pocket while they wrecker driver was unloading the van. The guy saw me place it in my trunk at the accident scene. He could have snagged it while I was in the wrecker taking it easy. His wife came to the accident scene while the cops a NFD was there. I recognized seeing the Tahoe before. Frilly handcuffs and an SCCY decal in the back window.

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    I told that dummy if I had been in my big truck only one of us would have walked away.
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    Dude, get to the ER! Get yourself checked out, you don't need a blood clot busting loose inside of you.
    It's why you have insurance.
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    TNT. Glad it was not worse.
  7. Glad you're okay, but an ER visit wouldn't be a bad idea.
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    WOW......that was a scary read. I am sure it was much worse being there !:eek::eek::eek:

    Now....get your ass to the hospital and get checked out !!!!!
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    They ALWAYS say that sort of crap. When I got rear-ended turning into my daughter's Day Care, the woman sandwiched in the middle repeatedly said, "you just stopped soooo fast!" Riiight. I deliberately slowed down early and drove under the speed limit to try to force people to go around me in the other lane specifically because I'd seen too many people rear-ended turning into that location (not that it did me any good in the end, mind you). If she thought I slowed down "sooo fast" it's because she was speeding and not paying attention.

    In my case there was a big pickup truck following behind me who swerved into the other lane at the last second, "suddenly" exposing me, at full stop, to the following traffic, who, because they were all following too close and going too fast, simply were unable to stop and rammed me.

    I believe that it is the same sort of psychology at work in your case. The human mind simply doesn't want to believe that they could, in any small way, be at fault, even when it's obvious they were. So they come up with excuses. It's YOUR fault. YOU were going too fast. Yeah? Well, he was cited, you weren't. 'Nuff said.

    But you're still screwed because of his incompetence and lapses of judgment. :( Sorry dude.

    Peace favor your sword,
  10. Unless you have medical insurance like mine... uhhhhhhh....
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    Should have told him, he was just going too slow. Glad there were no serious injuries/deaths. Cars can be replaced, people can't.
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    Go to the ER. My nephew, aged 49, was having trouble breathing. He hated hospitals, and would not go to the ER. Wish I had forced him. He went to a Doc in the Box place where they told him he had allergies, and put him on some pills.
    Couple of days later he was dead, from a pulmonary embolism.
    Go get checked out.

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    I am going to see my regular doctor in a couple of hours. Just called a MSOB attorney that handled a co-worker's WC case. Waiting for a call back.
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    Glad to hear it !!!!!!

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    I don't know how this will play out with the van owner. The rider and driver might have been brothers. The driver wasn't the owner. It had commercial plates and was a work truck for the owner's mobile mechanic business. He may or may not have commercial insurance on the vehicle. Then the question is will they assume liability? Is the guy a LLC? If not I can drop a lien on his house? Hit is home owner insurance? I have no idea. Wish the paralegal would call me back.
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    Different jurisdictions have different processes and laws, but generally you can not get a lein on personal property owned by a business, especially if it is a corporation or LLC. Is Tennessee a contributory state? If so, that could become an issue if they can find you even 1% at fault. Be prepaired to have the ECM pulled from your vehicle. Don't talk to anyone but your attorney. Generally you will be limited to the other parties insurance limits. Again, much depends on jurisdiction.

    I work compliance in transportation. I'm the one who makes sure all the "eyes are dotted and tees are crossed" . We look at a few things. Was it clearly our fault? How much it it going to cost to fight? Might be cheaper to pay up than fight. When we do contest a claim, it's "Nellie bar the door"

    Your description of your accident reminds me of a similar one a client had last summer. Our client had just pulled into the lane of travel and was building up speed when he was struck from behind. We subpoenaed the ECM and cell phone records of the 'vehicle/driver who struck our client. They showed the vehicle was traveling a few miles per hour above the speed limit and the cell phone was in use. Ruling was contributory, charges were dismissed. We paid our damages, the other party paid theirs.

    Just some thoughts. Above all stay mum, let your attorney do the talking. Even posting about it here could be a bad thing.
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    Unlicensed driver, not the owner, pulling an illegal u-turn on the highway? I'm betting his insurance company refuses to pay you a dime. Enjoy small claims court. Maybe we'll see you on Judge Judy.
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    Sorry to hear about your crash. Glad it wasn't much worse.

    Take pictures of everything, your vehicle, his vehicle (if you can), and your injuries. If you end up in court, they may come in handy.
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    I had the pic, cannot find it :(
    It was BAD!!! :eek:
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    send it again, Trash, I will post