Crazy cool or pipedream - extream mod concept

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Bushman98, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. What do you guys think? Should it even be attempted or is just some crazy pipedream due to the fact that I'm totally bored at work.


    Forgive my ptotoshop skills (actually Gimp skills).
  2. Would really be interesting to see, even if it ended up being a nonfiring prototype ;)

  3. Very cool, and probably doable with a few changes. The stock attachment is going to need some work: the bolt slides back into the plastic stock to about the point where you've cut it off, so you'll have to allow room for that. Also, for a solid attachment, I suspect that you'd have slip some steel in there somewhere to connect the new stock to the remnant of the old.
  4. I dont think there is any problem on the front side. That quad rail is acutally very easy to make. I know for a fact that I would have to make some major modifications to the back side. As presented, it would not even work due to the fact that the nut to hold the stock is in the place the receiver recoils into.
  5. I think with som work it is do able. I like th collasable stock idea.
  6. You are correct farmkid. I would cut back as much as necessary to allow the bolt to recoil back and then insert a aluminum block (maybe 3/4 to 1" thick). That block would have a standard AR-15 lower tread (1 3/16" Tap, I think) and some threads on the side to bolt thru the sides of the stock... holding everhting toogether.

    I already have the front side designed (some pretty simple mounts and alot of picatinny).

    Of course, this mod would totally destroy the original stock.

    Also thought about making some Delta ring adapters. That way you could use almost any AR-15 handguard or quad rail.
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    i dont own a carbine but when i manage to finally snag a .45 carbine i was going to come up with some way to mount a collapsible AR style stock.... i dont know about all the front though some 1913 rails on the original stock would be nice though
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    The guy that told me about this sight is in the middle of adding a Ace butt stock to an ATI right now. From what I have seen what you have pictured is very doable as long as you cut the stock back further. The front looks like no ssue at all, looks like a good long weekend project.
  9. I may do it in stages. First the front. Since i'm making my own picatinny to keep cost down I will probably take a bit longer. If it looks OK and doesn't compromise the weapon, I will go to stage 2, butstock.
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    You might not have to cut the stock too far back. The AR extention tube also excepts the bolt from the ar when it is fired, the bolt travels back into the tube against a spring and buffer. You could do the same thing, but you might have to lower the position of the extention tube from your picture so that it is inline with the bolt travel so that it does slide into the tube without any interference.

    The key is filling the stock with an agent that will allow you to then drill it and tap it to except the AR extention tube. You would have to cut the stock, fill it and cross drill it to use one of the factory screws that hold the stock halves together. If you fill the stock (which you will have to do) you will have to figure out how to cut the filling in half and still maintain the ability for it to hold the extention tube, or you can not cut it and lose the ability to take the stock apart in halves.

    It would take some thought, but it is very doable.
  11. Something similar

    Hey Bushman,

    Now that is an elaborate set up.. I was thinking more on a simplistic idea for my 4095 since ATI doesn't make a replacement stock for it.

    I was gonna cut the bottom of the fore-end back to about 1/3 the distance from the receiver and then remount the cut off end to the top of the barrel right in front of the receiver. sorta like an AK setup. This would give the carbine a more balanced look.. at least to me.

    The shoulder part of the stock that I was thinking of doing is a foldable one. Cut similar to where your picture shows but attach a folding buttpiece to it.

    Some ideas to think about this new year, if I get the money to buy some "extra parts" from Hi-Point to modify.. GRIN

    BTW.. once you get the charging handle thing finished up.. I'm in for at least 3 of them (one for each carbine and an extra for when the 4595 when it finally come out in production).

    Meanwhile, I'm still looking at the right side charging handle modification.

    Take care,

  12. Once I can determine where to put the butstock mounting block, its all a matter of tapping for a collapsible or putting a screw patern for the hinge for a foldable. By the way, would a folding stock be legal since it would make the carbine shorter than 36"? Probably a question to be asked.

    I see what you are trying to do to make it more "balanced". A photoshopped pic would be worth making.

    I will work as much as I can on a couple of more handle prototypes this weekend and on the 1st so they can be tested and reviewed.... after that, they will go on sale. Dont know if they will fit on the 4595.
  13. Something like that is doable.

    Looks a little fragile though.

    A rail system that attaches to the top rail like from POF or ARMS SIR may work with some sort of mount system devised to attach it near the rear of the barrel.

    The stock could be done with a AK to AR stock adapter, I have measured it out some. It may take some epoxy filling and fabricating.

    In the end you might end up with the something like this -

  14. This looks good. I like it, maybe bring the handgaurd back a smidge more.
  15. Looks like a HP .45 JHP with a barrel and stock.
  16. nice idea and your theories/ideas are sound.

    I've got a spare 4095 stock that would be good to work from for this sort of project. As far as the front end stuff goes you wouldn't have to have any real changes to have a 995 and a 4095 version(4095 receiver is i'd say 1-1.5" longer)
  17. The problem with getting something that fits on an AR or any other weapon is that it may not fit on the carbine. The distace from center of barrel to top of shield is critical. Also, the distance from the front of the shield and where you want the top rail to end.

    The ones I represented is a 16" top rail and ~7.5" side and bottom rails.
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    OK I like it...

    Good job with the gimp. I love gimp!
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    I like paint !!! LOL.