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    Why does HP have three different places for warranty repair depending on the caliber?I have to send my JC40 to

    JC & JCP40
    Iberia Firearms
    3929 St. 309
    Galion, Ohio 44833

    My 45 would go to Haskell Mfg.
    585 E. Bluelick Rd.
    Lima, Ohio 45801
    Also wasn't Iberia Firearms once in the biz as a seperate company?
    Just curious.
  2. The 40 and 45 are made by those companies under Hi-Point's brand name... Kind of like Mossberg's Maverick, except still made in America.

  3. That does bring up a good question, are the companies all owned by Hi Point, or are they sub contractors that make those weapons for the mother company, Hi Point?
  4. My understanding is the locations are actually very close together but the towns borders separate them. Not sure if that's true for sure though.
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