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  2. Ura: Thanks for this. I'd researched the needle crike but couldn't find good directions on the standard. It seems what some people are labeling "trache" others are labeling "crike." Others aren't differentiating between "crike" and "needle crike." Either way, the procedure I was taught looks like it'll work. It'd be nice if there was a specially made kit or apparatus with a scalpal and a sharpened tube with a lip on the non-sharpened end to make the procedure a little easier. Unfortunately, that'd probably encourage people who would be better off not to attempt it.

    Is there any way to construct an emergency O2 bag in the field?

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  3. These topics are why I love this forum 8) Where can you bring up topics like these (ie. shtf scenarios) without getting odd looks?? I'll tell you where... nowhere. Except the Hi-Point forums :D
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    All that is needed (besides knowledge and resolve) is a sharp pointed pair of scissors and the ubiquitous ball point pen barrel, and absolute conviction that you have tried every other procedure to the point where the "patient" has no other viable option. Once you have identified the correct location pull up on the loose skin and make a minimal cut, bracing your wrist and forearm and press the point of the scissors through the cartilage use your opposite hand to press laterally and keep the incision open and insert your airway. Twenty five years hasn't dulled that memory, Disclaimer; NOT intended as an instructional matter, merely a relation of events before there was omnipresent video
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  6. Wow boys, we got us a regular surgeon! :wink:

    Excellent post Uraijit!
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    Really good stuff. I've seen the result of a bad crike which rendered the patient with severed vocal cords. This is a good intro on how to do it the right way.