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I tried to search for this but couldn't find it. I received it in an E-newsletter.

United States Concealed Carry Association[/url]"]
== SpotCrime Utility ==
'By www.SpotCrime.com/'

USCCA GEAR REVIEWOkay friend, I'm taking a small break this week from the more physical product reviews, like holsters and whatnot, because I was told about this utility that I have a feeling you're going to get a LOT of value from.

It's called "SpotCrime". Basically, it's a website that you go to, select your state and area, and you'll get an interactive map that shows you where the most recent crime occurrences have been.

The ONLY down-side to this utility is that they really only cover the larger cities... kind of a bummer for the people who live out in the boonies, but I'm betting most of you folks don't have to worry about this kind of crime as much as those in the cities.

Anyway, here's how you use this tool!

1) Go to this link: www.spotcrime.com

2) Select your state from the list...

3) Select your city from the list...

4) Now you'll get an interactive map.

5) If you hover over your mouse over each of the icons on the map, you'll get some detailed information about the crime that occurred, when, and exactly where.

Pretty useful!!
If you select, or deselect, the crimes above the map, and then refresh the map, you will get a better view with more locations of the selected crimes. Otherwise the map ends up all jumbled and you will miss a lot of locations. It is a Google Earth map with all the bells and whistles they normally have.

I found this site very eye opening, as in :shock: :shock:
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