Crime stats in your area

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  1. Pretty cool. Intresting to compare gun rights and non-gun cities.
  2. oh great, like I needed to know this! Man, I'm glad I've taken up shooting.
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  4. Wow. Interesting site. Thanks for sharing...
    I'm happy to say that we don't have crime here in Houston. We're a peaceful loving community...

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    My College town. Not surprised theft is high.
    My home town. I"m surprised that its as high as it is on some stuff. Looks like here you'll never get killed but you might get your 4-wheeler, wiring/plumbing stolen(copper), or your house broken into. However, I will say that most of the homes being broken into aren't really homes so much as outbuildings and sheds. The robbers are smart enough to know that a very high % of people here are gun owners.
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    Man....everyone used to think I was crazy to drive a Taxi in South Phoenix at 2am. But, after looking at these stats I'm sure as hell not driving around Michigan in comparison to Phoenix!! My car might get a higher chance of being stolen, but at least I'll live to tell the tale :p

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