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  1. I may catch some flak for this, but I am seriosly considering adding a pint of crown royal to my get home bag. Not to drink (I dont do wiskey) but for barter. A lot of the farmers in the region are pretty hard core alcoholics. Most of them do not stock up on alcohol, so after a day or two, they are going to be drying out. Having seen the effects of alcoholizm growing up, I know that that one pint of good wiskey might buy me a ride home if they have a running vehicle, or a tank of fuel if thats what I need, or shelter for the night, or food, or just about anything for that mater. I know that its not nice to take advantage of someone when they are at thier weakest point, but if I am trying to get home to my family, they are going to need me and if that gets me home to them then it is worth it.
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    If they are that weak and hard up then they may just try the rob you of your possessions at gun point. Elude and Evade is the best course when moving from point A to point B.

  3. I would agree with glockman on this. If its that bad of a SHTF situation you got other problems. It might be good to have some stockpiled in your BOL though for barter. If I was going to do it I would add some cheap liquor. If its that bad people won't care if its top shelf stuff or not.
  4. most of these guys are elderly and not much of a threat. The vast majority of people around here would remain friendly, I am sure, for probably the first week, and trade and barter would be easier than E&E during that time. After the sheeple realized that the government is not going to help them tho, all bets are off. I understand where you guys are coming from though, as most places in the country I have lived, E&E would be the only option. Things are a little differnt around here. Actually kinda nice most of the time..........

    And the top shelf stuff, thats probably just to make me feel better about taking advantage of somebody :oops:
  5. For short term emergencies I really dont see a lot of need in barter items, long term situations are a whole different story.

    Three things I absolutly refuse to barter with are, firearms, ammunition and alcohol. That's one bad mix when times are hard.

  6. Dont forget the medicinal values of whiskey. It is small enough. you might consider a pint of grain alocohol. it could be used as a fire starter, and if people are hard up for a drink, they will not care what they are drinking.
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    I voted no but if you do Id store it in something else.
  8. It could be used as a pain killer also, as in resetting a broken bone
  9. I think it's a great idea, alcohol is a great barter item in my mind. Not only that, but I make my living selling Crown, so that makes it an even better idea in my mind!
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    I don't know about ya'll but I remember while growing up having a fever that wouldn't respond to penicillin. Mom came up with a mixture of honey, lemon, and whiskey. I sweated my arse off that night after she gave me that stuff. However the next day, the fever had broken and I was wanting to go out and play with my friends. :shock:

    I also seem to remember my grandpa keeping a quart of the stuff around. It seems he used the stuff for everything from disinfecting a wound to doing the above with a fever to making a really great Coke and bourbon. :p

    I'd say to keep a couple of quarts of the stuff around. While not a true trading material, it does have it's medicinal uses. And it doesn't have to be the top shelf stuff either. The bottom shelf stuff works just as well. :D
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    I think you've got a fairly good idea, but I would go with something cheaper, and in a plastic bottle :idea: Crown is good stuff, but might make you want to hold out on a trade. With the cheap stuff, you can buy more for the same money, stash some of it and make it last a little longer.
  12. Not only can it be used as a painkiller, it can also used as a local antiseptic and a sterilizer for medical equipment. Say you have a seriously injured person that needs major help but all you have is 1 needle. You can only use that needle 1 time before it's toast. If you have liquor over 40 proof, the alcohol content is enough that if the needle is dipped in it, it will instantly sterilize that needle so it can be reused. There are so many other things that Crown Royal or similiar Burbon/Scotch can be used for it's not funny. I vote a big hell yeah....
  13. Forget the CR, go for straight PGA. cheaper and more bang for the buck.

    Alcaholics do not care what the brand is as long as it is alcahol. I have seen them drink shaving lotion and mouthwash.

    alcahol has other uses too:

    cleans wounds
    sterilizes equipment
    emergency firestarter (poured on cloth any spark will go to flame)
    emergency fuel (1/4" in the bottom of a tuna can will boil 1 liter of water in about 5 min. no flame, no odor)
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    I'd save the weight for something else. Water , water, water.....
  16. If you'e going to stockpile for long term, whether it be for barter,medicinal, or just plain drinking, perhaps Everclear might be the way to go.I'd go 190 proof although the 190 is illegal in several states.
    It makes you less vulnerable to hangovers due to it's lack of sugar and impurities.
    You can use it as fuel for the alcohol stoves and Beverage-can stoves
    and since it's non-toxic accidental introduction will not ruin the food being prepared. and can be used as a hand cleanser, disinfectant, panic suppressant, painkiller, or as a beverage mixer. :D
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    Several 32oz bottles of 92% Isopropyl alcohol at $1.29 per bottle will do everything the above C/R would do medical wise except the painkilling and a 99 cent bottle of acetaminophen or Ibuprofen can handle the rest.