CTD got a new stack of 9mm magazines in for cheap

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by BSK, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. BSK

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    thought i might share. 11.xx per mag
  2. perry23117

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    is it for the hp 9mm the C9

  3. BSK

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    yup.. except that they came into stock a little to late as I did get my mags from hipoint itself.

    still need to find the time and go out to test out the 10round magazine as it does fit funky as mentioned in a different post
  4. what's ctd? is a web site? please link, i'm interesting some more 8rd mag. my 10rd mag is pretty crappy i might not use it after all.
  5. BSK

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    i just browsed through the knife section and they have a ton of nazi knifes...
  6. after adding the shipping, hi point them self sell's cheaper for me. i think i'll get it from them instead.
  7. CTD can be hit or miss. The problem is their shipping costs. They are always higher than the rest, and ship according to price not weight. That can really stink if you are ordering a bunch of empty mags.

    As far as the Nazi stuff, CTD has always sold world militaria. They have many things from many different countries. There is still a large market for old WW1 & WW2 collectables. Their stocking of these items does not carry any propaganda or viewpoints.
  8. +1 on CTD. Read the fine print. If you're a volume buyer, I think they are pretty good. If you're an occasional cookie jar splurger, you'll likely find better deals.