Current Minnesota gun bills

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  1. There are a few good bills that have been introduced here @ the legislator.
    1. One of them is for Constitutional carry.
    2. One declares all Fed gun control illegal, no state or local gov employee can help enforce them, no state assets can be used, any private person or company that helps can never provide service or act on the behalf of any state/local gov entity.

    FWIW. Number 2 is about the same as what is becoming the std one that is being passed and/or introduced.
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    Our NRA hard at work! WV is seeing progress too - hopefully this year it's going to be pretty evident it's red vs. blue states and the blues are turning purple!

  3. Not likely that the NRA is or will back the 2nd one I listed. So far for bills like that, the NRA has not been willing to help with them and has issued statements in the past that they won't in any manner help with them.

    The only national 2nd amendment rights organization that normally backs these law is the GOA.
  4. So if one of the Minnesota laws were passed would sound suppressors, full automatic and short barreled firearms be legal with no Federal Class III weapons permit? I find it hard to believe that would go unchallenged.
  5. im sure you could still be arrested by the FEDS. but the feds wouldnt be allowed to say "yo local sheriff, go get this guy" or "hey we are going to take over your office to make all these arrests"

    They would actually be forced to do it themselves, and then try him in federal court not an easier one local.
  6. This bill only deals with Fed laws and not state laws. There are state restrictions on many Class 3 items, but not all of them.
  7. You are correct about that except one thing. Currently they have to be tried in fed court as it is fed laws they are using.
  8. that's what we need here in Idaho... at this current time we are working on constitutional carry.. but we need also to include a stipulation on the law that says that local and federal gov. cant over ride!!.. there is a few areas around here that has already vowed that if constitutional carry was to pass that they would total ban guns like Chicago!
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    I hope that MN can put those laws through. The more states that get those kinds of laws through the system, the more that others will be emboldened to try the same thing.