custom 1911 Hi-Point 4595TS .45 acp mia,fl

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    Hello and thank you for viewing first and foremost! (if this is up it is still available) album (


    What i have is a customized Hi-Point .45 carbine that i did myself. it has a 1911 magazine catch to accept higher capacity magazines but the standard 7-8 round 1911 mags fit flush to the bottom of the well. it also has a glock 17 pistol stock with padding, the check rest remained stock. i put a truglo red dot window sight ontop and i customized the standard Beretta muzzle shrouds so one can slide down the barrel and the other fits flush on top as i chopped off a good portion of the forearm to leave more of the barrel exposed. in place of the forearm i put a vertical fore grip/ flash light that is 200 lumens strong, aluminum and takes rechargeable batteries.

    i built this to be a companion to my 1911 pistol, i wanted a rifle that took the same rounds and magazines for ease.

    asking 450 OBO, will consider trades. thank you for your time and viewing.

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    It has some nice features, do you have better pix?
    How many mags?
    Posted pic here for others... imgur is slow for me :(

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    I posted some more pictures with more light, camera cant be helped sorry. it comes with a 8 round mag so that way i don't have worry about magazine capacity regulations of another state. if someone is interested in the extended 16 mag in Florida i will throw it in free.
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    How bout a 10 rounder so it actually works?

    About what those 15 round ProMags are worth.
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    I dont have a 10 round mag, I have one 16 round mag, one 11 round mag, and three 8 round mags so one of the 8 round mags is the best i can offer. I still own my 1911 and those mags aren't cheap, especially reliable ones.
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    That's right. It's a TM 45. My bad.