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custom 1911 slide

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OK here it is. I finally finished my ria 1911. It has all new wilson combat internals, custom trigger job dropping her to about 2.5 lbs, a match barrel, and a custom slide. All work was done by yours truely. I will get ya better pics in a few days when i get the camera outta the wifes car....

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Did you polish the slide or did it come that way?
about 50 hours with a dremel..lol...sanded, and polished to a mirror finish....just dont shoot it on a sunny day..lol
There are the RIA 1911's with the chrome slides, I didn't know which you had.
Thats awsome looks very good I likes alot....
Very nice...... cant wait to see some bigger pics.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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