Custom body armor carrier in Woodland

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  1. Made this for myself. No more sewing projects for a bit, at least until.i get new 4401SH front Level IV standalone plate to go with my new PACA rear Level IV standalone plate ;)

    1000D Cordura, Woodland camo
    Camo Green 483 webbing, 1" and 2"
    Olive green 1" binding tape
    Hunter green medium weight polyester mesh.

    Armor inserts;
    2XL size Safariland S3A 3A New Old Stock, made 2001 (thats some very old inserts..)
    LBA International/Safariland Group LTD Level 3 Special Threat SS109(M855a1) In Conjunction With, ceramic multicurve 10x12 plates, made around 2005ish
    20200701_155151.jpg 20200701_155217.jpg 20200701_155320.jpg 20200701_155338.jpg 20200701_155404.jpg 20200701_155425.jpg
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  2. Good lord. Comfortable but heavy with 10x loaded rifle mags,2x loaded pistol mags, and 2 empty canteens... very warm though, but that's to be expected. Realistically I would be running 6 mags in 3 double pouches, to 8 mags in 4 doubles, depending on if I want to split the load to an independent belt kit or not.. pistol usually run on trouser belt. 20200701_163503.jpg aNd silly pics! :rolleyes:
    20200701_163824.jpg 20200701_163830.jpg
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    You need a IV plate for your cojones bro...:eek:
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  4. I used to think I did not want body armor. They way things are going in the United States I am wondering if I can save up enough for it in the near future.
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  5. I bought the stuff on the cheap. Level 3 "In Conjuction With" ceramic plates; from Ebay for $130, and the soft 3A inserts from ebay for $70.. they are in very good shape, almost like new for the hard plates, and new/unworn for the soft armor... just the tan carrier is way too loose with old elastic (elastic gets weaker over time).
    Here is a more realistic set up; 6 rifle mags, 2 pistol mags, 2 canteens, 1 utility pouch holding FAK. 20200701_171727.jpg 20200701_171731.jpg 20200701_171945.jpg 20200701_171959.jpg 20200701_171935.jpg
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  6. I am waiting on 4401 Hesco Level IV Standalone plate from Body Armor Outlet, $120 plus ship, long backorder.. mine should get here during July to Sept, somewhere in that timeframe, and I have a PACA 10x12 rectangle Level IV ceramic plate that was made April 2020, got from Ebay for $120 shipped.. its new but is not on NIJ0101.06 list, it was certified under NIJ0101.04.... so its a calculated risk. I will be making a custom carrier for that setup whenever the front plate arrives. The 10x12 size, while somewhat lacking in height, does cover my vitals and I can hold a handgun in the isometric pose without hurting my arms. Unsure if a L-XL plate set would do the same unless shooters cut/swimmers cut.

    Body armor outlet do have the RMA 1155 Level IV plates for $135 per plate ($270) plus ship, and they should be getting them in sooner.
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    I’ve been eyeballing body armor just haven’t bothered putting any time into serious research as to which one and where and how.
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    Give'm the wildman look and make the rioters cower at your fearsome visage!!

    PS: Got a Condor Recon Chest Rig on order. Calculating load out currently.
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  9. Theres apparently several sellers in Florida, or at least Ebay sellers in FL selling body armor lol
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    Question is are they reselling Chinesium plates?
  11. I got my PACA Level IV rectangle plate from them, its listed as Level III on ebay.
    LA Police Gear sells $99-119 chinese made plates, YMMV.
    Honestly, the RMA 1155 and Hesco 4401SH are great deals for standalone, NIJ certified plates. 20200429_145133.jpg 20200429_145126.jpg 20200429_145112.jpg
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    Demolition Ranch has a video where he tests Chinesium plates.
    Some is marginally better then wet cardboard and some is waaay better then advertised and stopping .308 rounds from 10 yards.
  13. The Battle Steel armor isn't on the NIJ certified list, although most cheap armor sets aren't on there for a reason.

    Of special note is the Tactical Scorpion Gear TSG1012BRC model being listed on the NIJ Compliant/Certified List; it is an AR500 Level III plate set and can be found on Ebay for under $100 per set. Only caveat is the weight.

    Edit. I would go with the above set only if other options were not available. With that said... for $120-135 to $160 per plate? RMA and Hesco would provide far more protection for the weight; relatively speaking.
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    No offense, but canteens don't belong on body armor. Drop everything that doesn't go boom, leave space for an IFAK, and switch to a water bladder in an assault pack/go bag.
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    There is video testing of the Battle Steel. No time to dig it is calling. I have AR500 on another setup.
  16. I have a IFAK in the SAW 100RD/utility pouch. And I hate water bladders. Once I figure out a decent belt kit setup that wont interfere with body armor, the canteens probably will go there.
    Edit. I keep trying bladders, and keep going back to canteens. I do have two woodland bladder carriers in my closet, and 1 real old school olive green/black carrier (first gen Camelbak "MOLLE" carrier ); and in storage is the woodland Spec Ops Brand HUMP hydration pouch thats supposed to work with both LBVs and MOLLE gear.
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  17. Problem with youtube testing... they don't mean shit if they don't do the same protocols as the NIJ certifications... theres some PDFs describing the test protocols.
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    I hated them too. Refused to use them even. Always ran canteens. I was in when the Camelback first started being issued. Then I started going out hiking with the scouts and later hunting up in the mountains. Started getting more and more use out of my old ILBE ruck and assault pack, only I didn't pack canteens, I switched to water bladders. Between the two packs, I can carry up to 6 gallons of water that aren't directly strapped to and hanging off of my hips.
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