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  1. steve_O86

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    Grips are just carbon fiber duct tape, nothing fancy. The slide has been ported, polished, and shaved. If you compare it to the slide of an original C9, you will notice that the rough slide pull grips have been shaved down. You will also notice that the top rail between the front and rear sights have been shaved off as well. The whole slide has been polished to a mirror finish. The internal feed ramp has also been polished to mirror finish, trigger job has been done, and sear spring has been replaced with a lighter pin.I protect laser rail mounted on bottom of body. :D I don't really know what kind of price to put on it, I put A LOT of work into it. Just looking for a decent and reasonable offer for it. Gun comes with one 8 round clip, fires GREAT, has NEVER jammed, it's rapid fire. Feeds ammo perfectly and takes all types of ammo (hallow points, round nose, and polamer tips, etc. Please contact Steve at (256) 200-8854. I am willing to ship through FFL at your dime. :rolleyes::cool:
    You can also email me at: [email protected]
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    I'm just going to save myself the trouble here.

    Anyone interested, use the listed points of contact.

    Everyone else, no abuse for you.

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