Custom FEG PA-63

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  1. I recently bought an FEG PA-63 mostly due to the low, low price ($130 OTD) and it has quickly become my favorite gun. It was accurate like no other straight from the gun shop but like many other people who own the FEG I thought the recoil and DA trigger pull were a bit much. I then set out to all out customize the gun starting with the 15# recoil spring and 9# hammer spring from Wolff. Then I decided to get some wood grips from a seller on gunbroker. After that I decided to go a little crazy and de-blue and polish all the blued parts of the gun. In the end I ended up with what I think is the best looking, most accurate, affordable gun that money can buy. Here are some pics:

    Here are some before pics


    And here are some after pics



    I also painted the front sight red for better visibility

    On a side note, I just can't tout wolff gun springs highly enough. I ordered the springs COD and when UPS brought them the price was off by 80 or 90 cents. I couldn't pay because I had a money order for the amount on my email invoice and they wouldn't accept cash. The UPS guy told me to call Wolff and ask them what was going on and when I did they told me to not pay for the package and that they were going to send me a new one free of charge. You just can't beat CS like that.
  2. WOW! She's very purty! Love that shine job.

  3. Ari

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    Very very nice. I would sure love some grips like that on my CZ-52 does the guy you got them from do them for any other gun?
  4. Nice job! I really should get around to doing something with one of mine. Thanks for some more ideas--it's always helpful to see what others have done.
  5. nice job... i'm amazed at what some you guys can do because i'm all thumbs... gives me hope...
  6. JasonJ

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    im impressed.. those pistols are only $99 around me... might be a nice project for the future.
  7. Mike_AZ

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    WOW! very nice. Thanks for sharing. What did you use to remove the blue?
  8. pjm204

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    so once you removed the blue, did you nickel plate it or is it just bare....if it is bare, how do you intend to protect the metal? looks great right now btw
  9. Your PA-63 looks awesome. Very striking differnce. Makes it look like a m,uch more expensive gun.

    Good job.
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    That is a VERY nice firearm you have there!
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    I really need to pick up one of those FEGs!
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    Dude!!! Very flash. Nice.

    Should've picked one of those up when J and G had them. Now, I have no idea when they'll get them back and every other gun shop in AZ is just flat out overpriced :roll:

    Again, VERY impressive.
  13. Thanks for all the praise. I used navel jelly to strip the blue. You can get it at Lowes for five bucks and the bottle will last a long time, you would be able to do tons of guns. Much, much better than the kool-aid method and it works FAST, almost instantaneously.

    I got the grips from AIVIA2001 on gunbroker, he makes all kinds of grips so just ask him if he can make the grips that you're looking for.

    As for protecting the polished parts, I am fanatic about cleaning my guns, when I want to relax I don't turn on the TV...I clean some guns. Whenever I clean the FEG I completely disassemble the gun and scrub it with hoppes, once clean and dry I give everything a light oil rubdown. After that, until the next thorough cleaning, I wipe the polished parts down with oil every few days. The gun has been polished for three weeks or more with no problems, I just waited to post about the gun until I had the grips (which came yesterday :) )
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    I was looking at the before pictures and reading what you had said, thinking "That is an odd looking pistol, I have never seen one before...wonder what the After looks like."

    than as soon as I scrolled down to the After pictures without realizing it "Holy S**t" came flying out of my mouth!

    That is a sweet looking firearm, and you did an amazing job!
  15. griff30

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    Wonder if that can be economically converted to .32NAA like the Makarov?
  16. I'd believe it wouldn't be difficult to do at all.
    Here's a 9 Mak and .380 barrel ready to install:

    I don't see why you couldn't just turn one on a lathe and chamber it using an appropriate blank. Or, just sleeve an older barrel to .32 and chamber it. Messing with it to get it to function well is likely to be more work than making the barrel.

    But, if you try, post pictures :wink:
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    Wow, beautiful gun dude, very nice work, and those grips are sweet. I may have to consider polishing the CZ-52 again after seeing that.

    I scored the walnut grips for my CZ on Ebay, but a google search will net you quite a few choices. also has a great selection, but availability is up and down. If you see a set you like and they don't have them, they'll generally have them in a month or so.

    Again,. very nice on the pistil there, and with regular maintenance it will last a lifetime. If you're really concerned about polishing, a spray of clear, hi-temp, engine paint would do the trick. You could even set it up a bit better if you cooked it in the oven for a few minutes, but it shouldn't be neccessary.