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Custom Kydex Nightmare

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This is a story you NEED TO READ.

A person I know locally came to me privately asking advice. Because this person came privately, I will be redacting all PII.

This person purchased a kydex holster custom made for this person's Sig P365XL from a local maker. It's a pretty vanilla IWB with a standard belt clip. This person was getting ready to go out for the evening when this person put the holster on at about 3:00 waistband then holstered the P365XL. An Unintended Discharge immediately occurred as the firearm was being holstered, sending a 124gr. 9mm hollow point down the barrel. The injury was minimal, thank God; it creased this person's outer thigh for about 4" or so (judging by the cell phone photo I was shown). EMS was called and eventually also the police. This person received stitches in the Emergency Room and was discharged. The police took the firearm, cartridge case, and wrote a report. The firearm has since been retrieved from the Police. The official police report states that the cause of the accident was due to a defective holster. The trigger pocket was over-molded and forced in so far that when the firearm is inserted into the holster, the kydex indentation actually catches on the trigger, effectively pulling the trigger. The officer on scene eventually demonstrated this to this person.

This person took the holster back to the maker who apologized and gave this person a refund. I suggested that this person ask the maker to pay the medical expenses; this person has insurance but there is always an out-of-pocket expense.

This person lives in an apartment. The landlord was given a copy of the police report (apparently this is SOP?). The landlord is now talking about evicting this person because of the UD.

Because the holster was over-molded, this person now has a permanent disfiguring injury (it will scar), is out-of-pocket for some amount of medical expenses, had to temporarily be without the preferred self defense firearm, and might be evicted.

And before you ask, no, "this person" is not me. I'm too cheap to buy a Sig.

Still, this could have been much worse. If the firearm had been canted in toward the leg a tiny bit the leg could have been permanently debilitated, or, worse yet, if it had been an AIWB, this person might have been killed.

Be careful about your holsters.

Peace favor your sword,
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Let's say this person did dry test it first. This particular issue could easily not be exposed with an empty gun- without something in there to go bang when holstered, how would the person be able to tell?
Ok let's clear up one more detail with the whole custom made thing. Was it a custom holster for a Sig p365xl in general? Or a different very specific one for HIS sig p365xl- like a different mold or a new mold to accommodate some specific aftermarket sight or laser or optic or some such?

Because there are a lot of holster companies out there that make their standard line, custom fit to a wide variety of guns. Like same holster but you can order one for your glock 43 or for your sig p365xl- same holster but customized to a specific pistol. Alien gear comes to mind as an example.
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And this is a great post, thanks Kirk! Been talking in depth and sharing the thread with my husband, so we have been checking out different holsters and guns we own, trying to see if we could get it to happen in different scenarios.

Unloaded of course.
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Once I went to get an oil change at a busy ass jiffy lube. They said ma'am we are super busy, it'll be a while, so I handed the keys over and sat in the waiting room watching people and the hustle and bustle. All the sudden we heard a very loud crash, followed by jiffy lube guys running and freaking out.

The guy who was moving my car into the bay for service crashed it. It was still drivable, but I got some body shop work for free on that car, lol.
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