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customizing a mosin

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I'm going to go and purchase a mosin today and i want to throw a custom stock, (At, that is if i can not find a better one) scope and scope mount and a new bolt.
my question is- has any one got advise as to what is the best route for the scope base? i read alot of stuff that suggests most are not reliable for keeping zero's.
any advise would be greatly appreciated
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Mosins' are great....if you want a Mosin. I have 3 of them. But...

Mosin: $130
Stock: $70
Scope Mount: $30
Scope: $80
New Bolt: $40

Or you could get one of these for the same price and probably cheaper.


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I know I know they're cheap and plentiful and its the person's who bought it to do as they please with it, but I side with Krippp when he says you are taking a piece of history and changing it. I like Milsurp rifles/pistols stock so to speak, but to each his own.
its not like you have to permanently mod anything, just use the right products.


there's the scope mount, no drill/tap. everything else is just a swap out, easily returnable to original condition....
I agree that building a rifle is fun...but why not spend a little more and build a high-caliber rifle on the AR-15 platform? IMO, if you want a Mosin project, get one to clean up and restore it's wartime finish. I'm in the middle of doing that to my M44 right now, and plan to do my 91/30 in the spring.
This area was created for the sporterizing of C&R guns. I think that the comments about keeping it historic, don't change it, etc don't belong here. that is for the C&R normal area. Why did we make an area for customization if every time someone wants to do it they get busted out?

Sporterize the crap out of that MG, i did an M44 and have no regrets on it and it's still a project in the works.
Just because someone wants to cannibalize a piece of history doesn't mean they shouldn't be chastised for it lol.
well Mason, if that is what they want to do, then cool. i did mine to a mismatched M44 from hell and it turned out good.
wow lots of mixed emotions coming out here.. lol well i found a super clean m38. as far as a AR-15 and a savage, I'm looking at this gun half because it is so accurate and half because the round is so cheap and reliable. i found a awesome stocks at rifle-stocks.com, rocksolidind.com has the best scope mounts and bolts out there. spend 100 or so on a scope, then i will just glass bed it and be set. make this a real tac-driver. as far as destroying a piece of history, there are more of these guns then there are hungry children in Africa. 1 modernized mosin wont make any one cry lol. :cry2:
So what your saying is this section for sporterizing your Milsurp rifle is really set up to to make it easier to chastise anyone wanting to modify (cannibalize) there rifle? After all they are all on this (children's) section so you don't have to read through the (adult) section to find them.

I added a $50 scout scope and mount to my $150 mauser=$200. $150 less than the Steven's at Buds.
If I add a $100 thumbhole lam stock its still $50 less than the Steven's.
While its out of the Millsurplus stock I can easily refinish the now empty stock and still have a rifle I can use.
In an hour it can be put it back to better than original Milsurp condition with the refinished stock.
What"s the problem?
How many million Millsurplus rifles would you like to save? I also seem to remember my 98K yugo was stripped of all its german historical
markings, had the original stock replaced and probably given a new barrel and other parts when they put it back together. That is cannibalized!
Save your chastising for any one daring to use the (adult) section to ask their mod questions.
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Enough of this crap, I stated that this is not the place for any chastising to happen. As much as I hate bubb'd milsurp ideas and the idea of trying to make a mosin or mauser "tacti-cool", this section of this forum was created to give the guys who, for whatever reason, decide to do this to milsurps, a place to discuss their projects and ask for legitimate advice. I have to be impartial to this subject because I have to moderate this board, if you do not like the topic then don't post or don't read. We aren't going to change most of these guys minds about hacking something up no matter what we say so leave it alone, let them do as they will, cause according to some of these "experts", there are millions still laying around and they are the only ones doing it so no one will miss just one bubb'd milsurp.
Krippp has spoken...I'll go away.
lol you guys are too much, you make me feel like in burning a bible wrapped in an American flag and then pissin on the ashes!

any ways has any one had experience doing what i want to do with the parts i listed above?
thanks for being professional kripp, this whole section could have gone way south pretty quick.
Sorry for my response I didn't realize those coments shouldn't be made in this section, won't happen again. Tear into it brother it's yours anyway :D
the rock solid mount is the only one to go with for sure. i'm going to order one since i really don't like the scout style that i have now on the 44, even though it will hit the 300 yard ram every time. i just want the scope closer to my eyeball!


S&K mount is nice because it doesn't require drill and tap, so you can do it yourself. Also if your scope breaks, you are able to have the iron sights back on in about 5 minutes with no loss of zero as most of the adjustment is with the front sight.

Tickbite has a lot of good Mosin stuff, the ati stocks are nice, but, as I understand, be prepared to do some dremel work. I decided to keep my original stock and put one of those nice recoil pads on it. I also got a pouch/cheek pad for mine from ebay. Made a nice rifle and didn't require a gun smith or a drill.


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